What is creativity in three different ways

what is creativity

People appear to have an intuitive sense of creativity, but when asked to explain it, they become stumped. It’s simple to name creative individuals (Frida Kahlo, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Einstein) and the products of creativity (a novel, an invention, a new way of looking at the world), but it’s more difficult to grasp the notion of creativity itself. The more I looked into this topic, the more I discovered that creativity is a complex phenomena.

Creativity is the ability to think or behave in ways that are different from what others have done before, and to come up with fresh and unique ideas, techniques, or items. Let’s have a look at what it means:

It’s a skill

It can also refer to the capacity to sprint a mile, do mathematics, or recite a Shakespearean sonnet (Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?). As a result, creativity is a skill that is unique to each person. It may appear natural to certain individuals, but it is something that anybody can learn if they put in the time and effort.

It goes beyond conventional methods of thinking and doing.

You’ve gone above and beyond when you say you’ve transcended. It’s about seeing the flaws in what currently exists and attempting to improve on them.

Creates fresh and unique ideas

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The crucial word here, in my opinion, is evolves. Creativity is about growing, not just fantasising. If you have a concept, you go out and do research to back it up. If it’s a brand-new procedure, you try it out to discover if it works. If it’s an object, you’ll have to construct it.

Great! And now that you’ve read that insightful description, let’s go a little further to see what creativity truly is (and why you should or shouldn’t care).

Creativity is a mental pattern

So we know that creativity is the ability to generate new ideas, but it still feels a little hazy and intangible (kind of like saying that swimming is the ability to avoid drowning in water technically correct, but not particularly useful if you’re looking for a deeper understanding, or if you just want to avoid drowning). Put your floaties on and join us in the deep end.

All talents begin in the brain: whether physical (learning to swim the breaststroke) or cerebral (learning to solve an algebraic problem), it’s all about neurons in the proper portion of your brain firing again and over until you’ve mastered it.


Is it possible for you to develop your creativity? Absolutely! Creativity is a talent that can be honed and developed, not a supernatural gift bestowed upon a select few. The key is to figure out how to exercise your creative muscles.

Creativity isn’t a topic; it’s anything you want to create, from a simple product to a unique and creative one.  And every single person on this earth give birth to their creativity , creative mind and etc.by knowing themselves only. And we hope you found the information above to be useful.

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