What Do You Need To Know On Writing Calligraphy Letters

writing calligraphy letters

When was the first time calligraphy came to your sight? The first time seemed very magical, right? The art is totally a beauty to talk upon. However, getting hold of the art is not an instant mission. You need to write and practice quite a lot of times. Additionally, there are numerous schools imparting the knowledge of writing calligraphy letters. So, here is everything that you need to know before you jump straight to the writing process. Though in brief, you will get the idea in a well-arranged order. 

What Do You Mean By Writing Calligraphy Letters?

The art of calligraphy does the same as the normal motive of writing. It helps you express your ideas and thought beautifully and in a unique manner. However, while you take the help of the art, you can design and fashion the thoughts mesmerizingly. It won’t be a simple line or blacks strokes of pens. It would be something extraordinarily beautiful that narrates down a meaningful objective framed on the wall. 

Writing Calligraphy Letters Requires Specific Tools

You have to first understand the difference between a chisel nib and a rounded nib. When you write the letters with a rounded nib pen, the outcome is beautiful however not unique. The font design is common and the graphic representation is also, very simple(although looks fine). A rounded nib is found generally in ballpoint pens, pencils, and felt tips writing tools as well. Also, there is no boundary of holding the equipment, since with whatever angle you are holding the pen, your strokes would be the same. You won’t feel uncomfortable throughout the whole process of writing.

Getting a chisel nib is what you need for the getting finest stroke. You get to enjoy elegant fonts that not only beautify your written thoughts but add a sober effect to the print. The wedge-shaped strokes deliver the prints with equal narrow edges and broader edges. Also, you have to pay attention to the hold since the focus remains on getting the perfect strokes while you are using the chiseled nib.

More In The Idea Of Writing Calligraphy Letters

Like already discussed writers have to pay attention to holding their pen in the correct order to get the elegant strokes. So, make sure that you write pointing the nib at 45 degrees corresponding to the base margin for both horizontal and vertical strokes. You need to stay cautious and not change the angle at all. 

Next, you have to maintain the proportions of the letters. You have to balance the looks of the letters adequately to get the best result. 

There are two scripts of writing calligraphy letters-

  • Uncial
  • Capitalis Rustica 

While Wrapping Up

Well, the style of writing calligraphy letters differs from individual to individual. Therefore you need to first understand the writing style. Then practice and oversee the effects on letter spacing and letter height. Well, your journey to perfection will definitely take time. So have patience and continue practicing to achieve what stunned your eyes the very first time. Happy writing

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