Two Popular Tattoo Designs For The Koi Fish

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The Japanese commonly calligraphy lettering “ink” and believe that it brings good luck and fortune. These tattoos are also associated with various legends and myths from Japan.

In ancient times, Japanese wrote on their bodies using a special calligraphy pen. Today, modern technology has created machines to print calligraphy lettering on paper. However, this is a poor substitute for the hand-written art of Japanese calligraphy. The most widely recognized Japanese calligraphy designs are the kana which are the most common in private calligraphy tattoos. These kana letters are typically made up of two opposite kana which means “night and day”.

Authentic Feel

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To give these kana a more authentic feel, you can opt to include a hiragana which means “the letter” or a one-syllable character. These extra characters can add depth to the kana. In Japanese, a hiragana is only drawn once and cannot be added to the existing calligraphy lettering.

There are a number of popular calligraphy lettering tattoos in Japan. One of these is the bamboo leaf which symbolizes peace. It is considered auspicious to write bamboo leaves on the inside part of your wrist. Another is the cherry blossom which is a sign of love and beauty. A third is the dragon, which represents power, strength, and masculinity. The koi fish, which is an Asian symbol for love and friendship is also a popular calligraphy lettering.

Biographies Or Quilted Scripts

In Chinese culture, they used to use calligraphy writing tattoos which were inscriptions carved in stone. These are called biographies or quilted scripts. The most common used among them are dragon and Phoenix. For those who want a different message, it can be written in a special script to express their individual thoughts. For example, a message of hope that will light up the future. In Chinese culture, a symbol representing love, power, and courage are also used.

Among these tattoos, the most commonly used are Koi Fish, Butterfly, Pearl, Jade, Emerald, Tiger, Dragon, Panda, Rabbit, and Iris. Each of these has their own story to tell. For the koi fish, this is associated with abundance and success. A small koi fish tattoo symbolizing the fish’s life span can be a great idea for those who have a short life but want to symbolize their longevity. On the other hand, the butterfly tattoo represents rebirth, beauty, and love.

A Small Piece Of Koi Fish

A small piece of koi fish representing the fish’s life span can also be symbolic of one’s love for life. If you love your mom, remember that at one point in time, you were just an apprentice under her. Likewise, the Jade Dragon is a symbol of good fortune, success, and valor. For those who love animals, a Panda or a rabbit tattoo would symbolize a close relationship with the pet.

Those who are fascinated with calligraphy lettering are really not limited to this type of tattoos. Calligraphy can be applied to almost any part of the body. There are even calligraphy writing tattoos that can be applied on the face. This is actually very common nowadays. For those who don’t want to use calligraphy lettering, you can use the stick method. It is very easy to learn and it has a lesser effect than calligraphy lettering.

Can Be A Painful Process

There are still a lot of people who love to have calligraphy tattoos. However, the number of people getting their bodies inked with calligraphy has significantly reduced due to many people being drawn to tattoos made out of fake materials. In addition, calligraphy can be a painful process, not to mention expensive. In contrast, the healing time of tattoos is fast.

If you decide that you love Japanese koi, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. You can get a Koi tattoo from a tattoo shop in the city, or even online. The Koi Fish is said to symbolize steadfastness and love in Japanese culture, so getting one as a tattoo might be a good choice for you. But first, you need to make sure that you’re okay with the idea of a Koi tattoo.

Final Words

If you’re okay with the idea of a Koi tattoo, you can look for a Koi fish design. This can be an easy way for you to get started. You could try looking through the internet for different styles of koi fish, or you can ask your favorite artist to draw something up for you. The internet is also a great source for learning about the symbolism of Koi fish tattoos.

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