Turn A Picture Into A Drawing By Following These Easy Steps – Use The Digital Way

turn a picture into a drawing

Many of us like to click picture after picture and then delete all of them because staring at them gives us a feeling that they are not worth looking at. But, now you can get your desired photo with the help of the following apps. The best part is you can even turn a picture into a drawing. Check out the apps and choose what the best for you is. 


A close up of text on a white surface

Do you want your photos to look like cartoon images? Well, here’s the solution – you can download Clip2Comi and turn your iPhone photos into cartoon images. The free version comes with a watermark on the picture that you gave. If you will buy the app, then no watermarks. Apart from that, Clip2Comi is easy to navigate and comes with features like changing the size of strokes, adjusting colors, and lasting outlines. 

Prisma – Best Way To turn picture Into Drawing

A piece of luggage

This app is specifically designed to transform the clicked picture into something that the artist creates. You will not face any kind of serious problem while running the app as it has the same interface as Instagram. The only disadvantage you will be facing is you cannot print big pictures. 


When you get 300+ effects in the accessible version of iColorama-S and turn your photos into sketching, buy the app and get every advantage being the member of the app that others are restricted to.


Now, save large images with a resolution of up to 4096 pixels with the utmost ease by using this app automaton. You have to decide where the light falls on this app and continue with whatever changes you want. 

Photo Lab

A set of advanced filters that will change your pictures and the inbuilt features help you crop and rotate the picture according to your need. 

Enlight Photofox

This app is designed for i-phone users only, and you get to use double exposure effects and picture correcting tools necessary to create a good picture. The best part is you can quickly turn a picture into a drawing format by using the effects.


These iconic apps come with 2000+ filters that will define steps to turn your picture into a wedding. If you are not going to buy the app, you will face the appearance of a watermark and the most irritating thing – ads. 

The tip that you need is most of the apps do not support offline mode editing. So, you will be facing a lot of trouble if you are offline. 

A Final Thought 

The digital era has many benefits. Now, you can install any app and get the desired functioning. Turn a picture into a drawing or crop and edit your photo to the next level – the wall of the features in a single app. The app mentioned above will prove to be best for you. 

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