Top Decision Making Books You Should Read

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Making decisions in life doesn’t always come easy. Yes, you may have been making easy decisions like what clothes to wear, what food to eat and more, but someday you may have to make serious decisions that may shape your life. However, before making that decision, you need to guarantee you’re making the right decision. Here are the top decision making books you should read before making that decision.

Ray Dalio’s Principles

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Ray Dalio is the CEO of a Connecticut Hedge fund worth almost $160 billion. He wrote Principles to share his insights and vast wisdom, in the hope that he can help your organization make better decisions. 

Like the title implies, the book focuses on ‘having principles’ in relation to decision making. Principles are the basis to developing positive characters that can gear you towards achieving your aim in life. Having the right principles will help you make the right decisions on life-altering matters.

To effectively pursue your life aims, you need to have a set of principles that you will continue to follow on your journey. Not only for individuals but also for organizations, if the laid down principles do not align with the members’ principles, it’ll be hard to see progress being made in the organization.

Ray Dalio may have written a world-revered book on getting to make better decisions, all while following your own principles.

John S. Hammond, Ralph L. Keeney, And Howard Raiffa’s Smart Choices

Rather than focusing mostly on the organization level, Smart Choices focuses on the individual. The book presents strategies and formulas for individuals to make better decisions. It teaches individuals how to make decisions on the serious aspects of life, like what house or car to buy, or what career to choose.

To face every serious decision that comes your way, Smart Choices teaches individuals to deliberate each decision by answering the ‘PrOACT’ questions. What’s the ‘problem’? What ‘objectives’ are you looking to achieve? Are there ‘alternatives’? What are the ‘consequences’? Are you willing to make ‘tradeoffs’?

Answering these questions in relation to the problem at hand will put what really matters and what’s at stake into perspective, so you’re able to make an effective and better decision.

Of course, you’ll not need to follow the PrOACT method to make small decisions, like what food to eat or cloth to wear, but you’ll need them to make decisions on life-changing situations.

Chip And Dan Heath’s Decisive

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to making better decisions, then Decisive is for you. The book presents a 4-step approach to making better decisions. The steps are to widen your horizon, test your assumptions in reality, attain distance before deciding, and prepare to be wrong. 

Apart from teaching you to make decisions in easy-to-follow steps, the book also shows how to prioritize. You’re taught to determine opportunity costs, test your assumptions in real-life, and prepare to learn more in the process.


A single decision may determine the course your life will forever take, so you better be making the right decisions. This is why we discuss top decision making books you should read.

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