Top 4 Calligraphy Writing Fonts Every Designer Should Know

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Using calligraphy writing fonts in your design project will add a sense of class, elegance, and beauty to it. These kinds of fonts get their inspiration from the nib-pen, brushes, and the inks that are making beautiful fonts on the paper for the last few centuries.

And adding these fonts to your personal or commercial design project will surely bring you a lot of attention and praise.

But you can’t just choose any calligraphy font, can you?

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to discuss the top four calligraphy writing fonts every designer should know about.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in…


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If you’re looking for modern calligraphy writing fonts, then look no further than Mahesia font. This modern and elegant font comes with a beautiful text design that can be used in greeting cards, logos, and even invitation cards.

This calligraphy font comes with over 500 unique glyphs, letterforms, and swashes. You can use this font for free if you’re using it for your own personal usage. However, if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, you can get the license just for $13.

Now, isn’t this a great deal?


If you’re looking for something free but equally enticing calligraphy writing fonts, then your search definitely ends on Cookie. This elegant font is first developed by Ania Kruk. And the best part is that even Google fonts support this calligraphy font.

According to its developer Kruk, she first got the inspiration for this font from the aesthetics of the 1950s. She said that ads of that period, as well as the pinup girls, helped her come up with such beautiful calligraphy writing fonts.

According to her, this font is the perfect balance of sweet and friendly and not overly decorative. So, if you want to bring charm to your design project, this is the font for you.


This free yet amazingly stylish calligraphy font was first created by Astigmatic and since then, it has become one of the fonts that’s in every designers’ toolbox. This bewitching font uses special sweeping strokes to enhance its beauty and express a light drama.

This particular font got its inspiration from the 1960s and you can get this font right way from Google fonts.

If you’re using this font, then make sure you keep the size at either medium or large. This will make sure that the font stays in a readable size.

Risthi Script

If you’re a professional designer looking for premium calligraphy writing fonts that will blow everyone’s mind, then look no further than the Risthi Script. This beautiful script comes with a dancing base that adds a classic touch to its style. Moreover, this font includes alternate features, support for multiple languages, and ligatures.

This amazing calligraphy style font is produced by the Olex Studio and it comes with multiple fonts inspired by the vintage art styles. And these options give you full freedom to kickstart your design project with a bang.

You can get the desktop version of this font just for $17 here.

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