Tips For Learning Chinese Calligraphy

writing chinese calligraphy

Writing Chinese calligraphy can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. You will soon discover that Chinese lettering can convey a lot of symbolic meaning, especially if you know the correct stroke order. Many beginners find that learning how to write chinese characters on their own can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. The main thing to keep in mind when learning how to write Chinese calligraphy is that you need to understand the characters, and how they are formed.

When you learn how to write chinese calligraphy, you should use ink created specifically for this task. Chinese lettering is printed on paper, and inkjet printers don’t work well with this type of art. Water-based and ink-based ink are the best choices for Chinese calligraphy, as they are less likely to smear. Of course, if you are just getting started with Chinese lettering, you may use gel pens, which are less smeared.

To learn how to write chinese characters correctly, it is important to learn stroke order. Each stroke is related to a color, and the colors are based on the position of the stroke on the page. The Chinese characters are written in Chinese characters are either vertical or horizontal, and are written right-to-left.

The next step to learning how to write chinese characters correctly is learning how to place your hands on the paper. When Chinese lettering is arranged on a paper, the direction of each stroke is important. Start practicing Chinese calligraphy by first writing simple characters on a piece of scrap paper. Then, turn the paper over, so that you can see the new arrangement of the strokes.

Remember, the main key to practicing chinese calligraphy is the correct posture. When you sit down to write, your feet should be about shoulder width apart, with your hands placed under your knees, and your hands pointing towards the sky. When you stand, your feet should be about shoulder width apart, with your hands still under your knees. If your hands do not rest on the paper, then your posture will be incorrect.

When practicing chinese calligraphy, you should always take a few minutes to breathe. Holding your breath while writing is quite wrong, as it forces you to use your energy more quickly. Instead, take few deep, steady breaths and let go of tension in your body. You should not feel tense in your muscles when you are practicing chinese calligraphy strokes. When you exhale, your lungs should expand and fill with air. This will allow you to fill your lungs fully with air before you exhale.

Final Words

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As mentioned earlier, practice makes perfect, so do not think that your Chinese brush cannot catch up with you if you use a bad brush. Always try to get your brushes as clean as possible, so that as you learn to write in this style, you will be able to use the best stroke that you have learned. It is also important to remember that as long as your stroke is straight, you will always be considered to be on the right track. If you ever have any doubts that you have made a mistake, just take another stroke and try again.

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