Tips for Beautiful Tree Drawings

Tree drawings can be beautiful pieces of art, but they can also be a way to learn more about trees and their parts. Now that you know the basics of how to draw trees, it’s time to learn some tips and techniques that will help you create beautiful tree drawings.

1. Start with the outline

A canyon with a mountain in the background

The first step in drawing a tree is to sketch out its outline. This will give you a basic framework on which to build the rest of your drawing.

2. Use different shades of green

A tree in a field of tall grass

One way to make your tree drawings more realistic is to use different shades of green. Try using light green for the leaves near the top of the tree and dark green for the leaves near the bottom.

3. Add details

Another way to make your tree drawings more is to add details such as branches and leaves. But don’t go overboard – you should only add as many details as needed to capture the essence of your tree drawing.

4. Add some texture

One way to give your tree drawings a nice finishing touch is to add some texture. Try adding small lines and dots on the trunk for a bark-like texture or using crosshatching or hatching for a trunk that looks rough and rugged. You can also use shading techniques such as those described in our how to shade tutorial for added effect, but be careful not to overdo it. Remember – keep things simple.

5. Add some depth

A great way to give your tree drawings more depth is to add colors that are darker towards the bottom of your picture and gradually become lighter as they reach the top.

6. Make it unique!

The best trees look unique – you should try not to draw generic trees like those found in a forest or jungle. A creative idea for something different would be to draw a lonely tree standing all by itself in an open clearing or field, or one that’s been separated from other trees due to deforestation. Whatever you do, just remember that there is no such thing as a perfect drawing so never stop practicing and trying new things.

7. Eyes on the prize

One of the most important parts of a tree is the trunk, so make sure to spend some extra time on this part of your drawing. You can use crosshatching or hatching for added effect.

8. Get into the habit of drawing hourglasses

Before you start drawing any type of object including trees, it’s a good idea to sketch out a basic hourglass shape to use as a reference point when you draw straight lines and curves later. Take a look at our tutorial on how to draw an hourglass shape for more information.

9. Draw from real life whenever possible

One great way to improve your drawings is by practicing them in real life. This can be anything from drawing pictures of your own backyard to visiting a park or botanical garden. The more you practice, the better you will get.


So there you have it – some tips and techniques for creating beautiful tree drawings. Just remember to take your time and be patient, and before you know it, you’ll be able to create masterpieces that will amaze everyone who sees them.

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