The Positive Effects Of Thinking With Creativity And Innovation

creative and innovative thinking

It is also a quality that most people are not blessed with. It is not uncommon to see highly creative and innovative thinking among the intelligent people of many underdeveloped countries. However, it is a talent that can be developed by anyone and the first step to take is to identify your own creative thinking style.

Creative thinking starts with you and ends with you. You have to determine what kind of thinking will work well for you. The way to do this is to start by defining your personal goals. You should know exactly what you want and how to get it.

An Effective Use Of Logic

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Next, figure out your creative thinking style. What do you think? Do you generally use abstract thinking or are you more visual? Do you make an effective use of logic and reason or do you rely largely on intuition and creativity?

Once you know your innovative thinking style, find ways to measure your creative thinking ability. One common way is through a creative problem solving task. You could ask yourself questions such as ‘what if…’ or ‘how should I…’ or ‘where should I…’ and so on. Once you understand how to frame a question you can then begin your innovative journey.

Leverage Power And Become Successful


People are under a constant state of pressure. In business, creative thinking is an important tool to leverage power and become successful. Think about people in various industries who are considered creative thinkers – how have they succeeded in their respective fields? There are people who think outside the box, people like Jobs, Gates, Ford, Edison, Picasso, Keats, Shakespeare, Dickens, and so on.

What makes these innovators unique? There are many theories on creative thinking, one of which is creativity is a process whereby ideas are produced or born from ‘no known previous experience’. When talking about creative thinking, it’s thought of as a seed that becomes a tree or something similar. It’s necessary to understand the mindset of an individual or organization before expecting to see results from their creative thought. If a group works together creatively and productively, they will have a stronger chance of achieving a set goal.

Stay Positive

There are many methods used to help people develop creative thinking abilities. These methods range from books, courses, coaching and mentoring to attending seminars, creative centers and creative thinking workshops. The most important thing to remember when trying to develop a creative thinking style is to stay positive. Positive thinkers tend to think positively, therefore, if an individual cannot think positively then chances are they’ll only focus on negative outcomes. This can lead to a lack of accomplishment.

Be careful not to be too focused on being creative and innovative all the time though. Many individuals are great at coming up with a new idea but when push comes to shove they cannot implement it into a business plan, for example. Always remember to practice balance and moderation. Creativity and innovative thinking are not always easy, especially when attempting to apply it into a business strategy. Stay focused and you’ll become a more creative and innovative thought process owner in no time at all.

Read Regularly

Another great way to train your mind for creative thinking is to read regularly. Many people simply do not take the time needed to read for knowledge creation. It’s important to get outside of your comfort zone and read widely. Reading motivational books and articles can also help to give your mind a boost and help you focus. If you don’t like to read then you may wish to look into audio books as they are a great way to enhance your creative thinking abilities.

Some people have found it helpful to write down their thoughts on a piece of paper before entering them into a creative thinking dialogue. This gives the mind something to focus on while allowing the person to look at the paper and imagine the solution to their problem. When entering a creative thinking dialogue, make sure you are very specific about what you’re trying to achieve. You should make sure that you are giving yourself clear goals or results that you are hoping to achieve. When you enter a creative thinking dialogue, you have to picture yourself accomplishing your goal and be totally excited about it.


As you can see, the benefits of creative thinking go beyond just being able to come up with some new ideas or solutions to problems. You will find that when you are creative and innovative, you are happier and healthier. If you find that you are in the middle of a creative rut or are stuck creatively, give your brain a break and look for a solution. It’s important to exercise your brain and your creativity, because the more time you put into this, the more of an edge you will have. You will be amazed at just how creative and innovative you can become when you really start to work at it.

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