Thank You In Calligraphy Writing

thank you in calligraphy writing

Put your name first then your address then the date and venue of the event. Following this format is the proper way of writing your personal message to someone.

Format To Write


First you should write the name of the person in the upper case position. After the name you should write his or her title then his or her full name. Put the address before the name in parenthesis. If you are uncertain about a particular calligraphy letter, just ask for an advice from an expert calligrapher. There are lots of free calligraphers online so you can use one of them for this purpose.

Thank you in calligraphy writing should be sincere and respectful. Don’t forget to include the proper salutation, which is the golden rule in etiquette. If you don’t know what to write, just go with the letter of the French alphabet then the name of the person. It’s the simplest way to get your point across. If you are not fluent with French, I suggest you follow the tips below so that you don’t make any mistakes while writing your personal message in French.


Text, letter

Calligraphy lettering is mostly written in Gothic fonts, so using italics would be a good choice. To emphasize the importance of a particular line, use a comma then a colon. If you want to insert a sentence into your letter, just insert two words and do not worry about commas or periods. Commas and periods will only make the letter look choppy.

Put the recipient’s name at the top of the page. After the recipient’s name, you can put his or her address and other contact information on the next line. Be sure to include his or her name in the middle. If you are writing the thank you in calligraphy writing, you should know where to place the signature block, otherwise you may have trouble signing the letter yourself.

Add Personal Touch

Add a personal touch to your thank you in calligraphy by drawing the portrait of the person in the correct order. For instance, if you are writing the letter to your son, draw a portrait of him first followed by the address and his name. You can use graph paper to do this, but if you are drawing it by hand, then just write directly on the portrait. It is better to draw the portrait before placing all the information on the letter. Then you will be sure that everything fits correctly.

Another tip on how to thank someone with calligraphy is to send the letter to him or her enclosed in a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. You can find these at any flower shop or online. To make the calligraphy more exquisite, you can tie the roses together using a ribbon. Place the thank you in the bottom of the vase and let it hang there. When it rains, the water will drip through the roses, creating a wonderful effect of water pouring from a water jug onto the bouquet of flowers.

Last Words

You can also find thank you in calligraphy writing that has personal messages. This can be for a friend, a family member or a former lover. For example, you can send a thank you to your son for his services to your business. Instead of just writing “Thank You,” you can add something like “I hope you’ll continue to serve our country” or “Your service is always appreciated.” These are perfect examples of how to thank someone with calligraphy writing. Your calligraphy pen will just be too wonderful to resist.

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