Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know

Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know

While facing a problem, there are two solutions. One, pay others to solve it or two, solve it yourself. There are many common problems you can face in your daily life. DIY offers a unique solution to those common problems. Plus, the satisfaction of doing something all by yourself is surreal. From cooking to cleaning to the building, you can do it yourself in many ways. Here we take a look at some useful DIY tips for your daily tasks.

DIY Tips: Cleaning Oven

Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know
Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know

Cleaning out your microwave is not a fun task. The glass gets dirty and sticky. However, this can be sorted easily. Take some baking soda and mix it with water. Then rub the solution on the glass and wait for a few minutes. Take a clean cloth and clean the mess right off!

DIY Tips: Condensation

Condensation is a huge problem for any household. The glass gets steamed, and water droplets create a problem. But there is a way around this. But remember not to push your furniture against the wall. Additionally, leave spaces in your cabinets to prevent condensation.

DIY Tips: Nutritious Water

After boiling eggs, you would typically throw out the water. But do not do so. The water has an interesting use. This water will be rich in calcium. Instead, cool the water and pour it on the plants. After all, the plants also require a healthy drink!

DIY Tip: Needle Problems

Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know
Some DIY Tips Everyone Should Know

The most painstakingly hardest job is to thread a needle. After seemingly a million tries, you’re finally able to pass the thread. Now you can use a hair or body spray on the thread. The portion will harden, and you can easily thread the needle.

DIY Tip: Squeaky Hinges

It is annoying as well as spooky when doors squeak—adding oil to the hinges does the trick in most cases. But what you might not have known is that talcum powder can also be used.

DIY Tip: Toothpaste

Almost everyone faces this problem. You press and pull and do what not to get the remaining contents of your toothpaste. A neat trick is using a paper clip or binder and attaching it at the end of the toothpaste.

DIY Tip: Paint Brushes

Paintbrushes tend to become hard when not in use for some time. The best way around it is to soak the brushes in vinegar. Then wash the brushes in hot water, and they will be as good as new.

DIY Tip: Mosquito Bite

Mosquito bites are irritating and, most of all, itchy. All you want is to scratch that bite off. Next time you get a bit, rub the inside of a banana skin to reduce the itching.

DIY Tip: Carpet Indentations

If your home has a carpet on the floor, then this is not new. Furniture’s on the rug tends to leave heavy marks on them. The result you end buying a new carpet. But not anymore, use ice cubes on the indented part and watch the magic happen.

DIY Tip: Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans get dirty within a short time, and cleaning the fan is another huge problem. Next time use a pillowcase. Cover the pillowcase over the blade and slowly pull back. The dirt gets wiped off and falls inside the case.

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