Some Cool Calligraphy Writing Sets- You Must Look Out

calligraphy writing sets

There are so many different kinds of calligraphy pens that are available in the market so choosing the right calligraphy pen can be challenging. You must take your needs and your level of expertise into consideration while you are going to choose a calligraphy pen. Some calligraphy pens come with a wide variety of inks and while some come without any. You just have to purchase the Ink separately. A lightweight pen with water-based ink is great for beginners when it comes to skills because a beginner is more prone to spills and is in the process of learning. Some calligraphy pens use nibs while others use cartridges. Some pens use different nibs while some pens use interchangeable nibs to create in or thick lettering. Calligraphy markers for beginners and are available too. We have listed some best calligraphy pens for your needs and skills.

Pilot Parallel

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You will get four sizes from 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm, 6.0 mm to choose from as this highly popular pilot calligraphy pen comes with a set of 4 pens. You will get two Ink cartridges- one red and one black. You just need to touch the nib together to blend the color and create some interesting effects. Your work will be made sharp and precise with the help of this parallel plate Technology. To keep your calligraphy pens into the top shape you will also get a little nib cleaner. It will last for a while because the pilot parallel is refillable and you don’t have to replace it when it runs Dry. All the calligraphy needs will be met as these pens come in a set of four.


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Everything which you need to possibly create great calligraphy is contained by this 33 please calligraphy set pen. You will get four pens with interchangeable nibs and 20 Ink cartridges of 7 different colors some with extra fine to extra broad. You will get the news in five different shapes and sizes. You will get an instruction Box with the care kit and practice pad which will help you to get the work started easily. You will get everything well and neatly organized in the storage team. These calligraphy pens are very pretty with a marble-like finish. The ink is supplied to the Nib by a little internal pump as it is 20% water base and does not require any kind of dipping. You will also get a 7 piece starter set.

Sakura 8- Piece Pigma Brush

If you want to introduce color into your work then this 8 pack of Pigma Brush maker is the best choice you can make as the ink is very bold and intense which will help you to give an additional black, purple, green, blue, orange, brown, and red color hue. You will get fade-resistant, chemical-proof, and waterproof ink and this pen are compatible with most types of paper which will help you to prevent bleeding and smears. You can draw and paint with this easily as it comes with nine tips which are flexible and Elastic.


We have listed above three different types of calligraphy pens. If you want to know about more such calligraphy, stay tuned.

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