Six Examples of Creative Thinking at Work

Creative Thinking Examples

Creative thinking is the skill to perceive new insights into things and discover innovative solutions to problems. It is a crucial skill that many companies find in their employers as it speeds up the thinking process and helps you innovate unique and creative ways that make these companies stand out. By enhancing your creative thinking, you can become an asset with any career you choose to tackle. There are situations where you use this essential skill at work. These are six creative thinking examples that you might be unconsciously doing that hones your creative thinking:

Creative Provocation

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Creative Provocation is a technique of intentionally interrupting an organized or formed pattern to make way for advanced stimulated thought that can be generated into a creative idea. This process can be used in such instances where you disregard the use of mobile phones as you think it will boost your team’s efficiency in the workplace. It’s only a concept with no execution, but it will create a false situation to come up with better ideas to boost your team’s efficiency.


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Brainstorming is one famous example of creative thinking. Brainstorming sessions are usually done by a group of people to form new, marketable ideas that can help into a development of a product or design in a workplace. This example allows a dynamic collaboration of fresh ideas from different individuals.

Promoting Collaboration

A professional environment is normally a competitive one. While being competitive may set yourself in a productive state, it may also hinder you to come up with life changing ideas together with your team. Promoting collaboration helps as you generate ideas together with your colleagues, and it also improves your interaction with them.

Role-Playing Sessions

One of the creative thinking examples is engaging in role-playing scenarios. Involving yourself in stimulated situations introduces you in new perspectives. If you were tasked to assume the role of a teacher, you have think like how a teacher cares for the students’ learning. In simple situations like this, you can practice your creative thinking.

Thought-provoking Questions

Thought-provoking questions forces you to think into new ideas that you can develop into an innovation. This example may help you to improve and look into possibilities.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is one creative thinking example that often occur in your workplace. This technique gives you a chance to process and think of plans to solve a certain situation that you may face during work.


Creative thinking is an essential skill that will help people once they stepped into the working society. Having this skill will enhance your standing in your worklace that can eventually lead on promotion. Here we provided six examples of creative thinking at work in this article to inform readers and people when to use creative thinking. I mean, there’s no harm on having an extra skill to survive in any workplace right?

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