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Need a new machine for repairing and welding? We bring you the best quality electric soldering iron with adjustable temperature for welding and repair. We also provide you with the best quality of the product with guarantees. It is a hand tool and composed of a heated metal top with an insulating handle. The heating of iron is done by electrical energy and passes by electric cable (chord) through the heating resistance element. Simple irons are not common in today’s world. 

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This electric soldering iron is a portable device and convenient for repairing, fixing and mending materials and wires. Its temperature can also be adjusted according to your need. It has a long service life and is durable. The soldering iron length is 18.5 cm, power is 60W or 80W, the cable length is 143 cm, and its working voltage is 110V or 220V. We also give you a six-month warranty for the product. It is also most often used in installation and production work in the electrical convention. The solder melts approx. at 185 degrees Celsius but its range is 200 to 480 degrees Celsius. 

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  • This electrical soldering iron has an adjustable and adaptable temperature. You can set it according to your fit and need.
  • It doesn’t require a high heat temperature. It can work in low heat which is good for you. High temperature can cause harm to you. 
  • It doesn’t warp. Due to low temperature, the connected metals would not melt or warp. They will stay in their original size and shape even if the person makes mistakes while working.
  • Using this electric soldering iron is not that difficult. It does not require any special skill. You can search easily on the net how to use it properly. It is easy to learn.


  • This product is harmful to the children because small kids don’t know what it is. You must be careful where to put the machine where kids can’t reach and not take it.
  • Before using the soldering iron machine you must take the required precautions if you are using it the first time. Most importantly, don’t touch the heated part or nearby it. Use it carefully!


We have given you all the details about the electrical soldering iron machine and its features and consequences. Keep them all in your mind before buying and then think properly about it. Don’t invest your money in the wrong place and also look out for the period of warranty. Make decisions wisely!

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