Rational Model Of Decision Making That Changes Your Decision Perspectives

rational model of decision making

From a very young age, people have to take important decisions at some points in their lives. These decisions shape further steps and life. So, it is important to have a good rational model of decision making skills. These skills are imperative to achieve success in life. These skills will not only help in avoiding mistakes but will also help to land good jobs. Many employers seek decision-making skills in their employees. Decision-making skills are not learned in one day or are obtained naturally. They are developed over time through learning and experience. This article will deal with an elaborate description of decision making and some tips.

What Is Decision Making?

The rational model of decision making is defined as a cognitive process in which the selection of ideas or things is done on the basis of previously gathered information from all the possible options. This process can be rational or irrational. This process is based on a reasoning process that is again based on assumptions of values, preferences, and expertise of the decision-maker.

Rational Model Of Decision Making – Steps Towards Decision-Making

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This rational model of decision making technique was developed by psychologist Leon Mann in the 1980s. It includes five major steps acronym as:

Goal Clarification- it involves surveying values and objects that are expected from the decision.

Options generation- it involves a wide range of alternative actions that can be considered while decision making. This is a vital step and requires immense research and analysis.

Facts Finding- it means searching for facts that will support the rational model of decision making. Before coming to any decision proper factual research is important. This can be statistical analysis, trend studying and the immediate needs of the organization.

Consideration Of Effects- in this step the advantages and disadvantages of the decision are observed. This is a vital step as it will access the positive and negative impacts of the decision on other people.

Review And Implementation- this is the last and the most crucial step of the rational model of decision making. Before finalizing any decision, reviewing is a must. This will help to eliminate any possible bad outcomes. Now, the decision has been made. So, implementing it is the last step. A proper implementation will ensure the quality of decision making.

Rational Model Of Decision Making – Importance Of Decision making

The rational model of decision making is a vital skill when it comes to getting jobs and opportunities. Sometimes, bad decisions can heavily impact a person’s capabilities and even jeopardize their career.

Decision-making is also important for school-going children and college students. A good decision making skill helps to eliminate the time-consuming processes. It reduces the level of loos that a company or a person can suffer.


Good decision-making skills are very important for anyone. From a homemaker to a working person. It is involved in all stages of life. Children should be taught decision-making from a very young age. You can always work on your decision making skills and improve the way you make decisions.

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