Rational Decision Making Model

rational decision making model

Whenever you are stuck making any decision, you need to have a rational decision-making model. Each of the steps of this model follows a cognitive process and a rational order so that you can get a satisfactory result. A person can check out all the alternatives and pick out the likely result that will be the best for you. There are various kinds of rational models that you can try out, and each of the processes are different. Some decisions are not oriented to problems. If you are new to the segment, you should check out the rational model’s general outline.

Brief Overview Of The Subject-Rational Decision-Making Model

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Various steps are incorporated within the decision-making model. The first step is to understand the situation and analyze the decisions that have been made. You also have to identify all the important criteria and process the result to analyze all possible solutions. Then you can choose the best option only when you understand the relative importance of every criterion.

Advantages And Disadvantages-Rational Decision-Making Model

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According to the rational decision-making model, one should come out with the best outcome. There should be an optimum decision-making model and the search should be for the perfect decision leading to satisfaction. Often the universe has many other plans, which is why you should know about the future consequences as well. There are many cognitive abilities to make a decision, and you should understand how ability is. Also, try to eliminate emotion while you are deciding because it should be a practical approach.

Bounded Rational Decision-Making Models

In this type of decision-making model, the individual considers lesser options than there are available. They make the options restricted within current circumstances, and the reason might be because they are in a hurry. For example, if a person is in the restaurant and accidentally has milk or coffee spill over his shirt, bounded rational decision making will make them buy an ill fitted shirt and wear it. The optimum decision-making would be to wear something with good fitting, but maybe the person didn’t have time. In most of the cases, you will see that rational decision-making models are constricted, and there could be a lot better options.

Vroom Jago Fashion Model

In the year 1973, this model came up, and there are five different situations for making decisions. Individuals and even from the groups can decide, but it should be a good result that comes out of the making process. This model has seven questions that will highlight the important criteria and indicate the most appropriate decision-making processes.

There are many decisions that you can make using these models, and the results will be satisfactory. You have to take some time and be patient about the decisions.

Bottom note

Decision making is never an easy affair, which is why you need to be extra careful. Once you follow the models, you can be a pro when it comes to bring out solutions.

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