Pro Sketching Tips For Beginners For Amazing Pencil Sketch Art

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Pencil sketch can create truly mesmerizing effects if you know how to create the perfect art. Have you ever looked at a pencil sketch art, transfixed, and wondered if you could create something just as beautiful? Well, now you can. These tips by professional artists will help you master your pencil and create magic!

How To Create Mesmerizing Pencil Sketch Art Like An Artist?

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Every master was once a beginner. And, they have practiced to master the skill. However, besides merely practicing, you also need to know about the technicalities and techniques. That’s where a tutor comes in. But, if you wish to start on your own, these tips will certainly be of great help.

Know The Pencil

There are numerous types of sketching pencils available. And, you need to know which one to use when. The pencils have distinct grading. You will find that there are two major ranges, the B range and the H range. The HB sits in between these two. B stands for blackness. The greater the value associated with B, the darker it will be. Also, darker shade means that the pencil is softer. H stands for hardness. The higher the value, the harder the pencil is. This also means that it will be lighter in terms of shade. Use them all to know which to use when.

Use Different Lines

While sketching you need to vary your lines to create different effects. Change the width and darkness of the lines to create varying effect. Not all lines will be the same. Use different pencils to create different lines of varying darkness.

Vary Mark-Making Methods

There are numerous mark making methods – hatching, cross hatching, stippling, finger blend, small circles, and scribbling. Try them out for varying effect. Each one is useful in its own way. You will have to master them all and know when to use which.

User Blending Sticks

It is best to use blending sticks to blend the pencil marks and get a smooth finish. The harder the pencil the more difficult it is to blend. When creating shades, don’t create shades using pencils alone. Use a blending stick, or a piece of paper, for the uniform effect.

Avoid Smudging

Always use a second piece of paper underneath your sketching hand. This will prevent smudging of the artwork and the effects. It is easy to smudge the part that’s already done when you place your hand over that part of the paper.

Define Edges

The edges of the objects in your art needs to have proper edges. The edge can either be thick or thin, but well defined, or can be blended into the background. Depending upon the type of effect you are aiming for, define the right type of edge.

Apply The 70/30 Rule

When you are creating a portrait or an artwork with a specific subject, the 70/30 rule will make it even more attractive. The rule states that 30% of the artwork should be the main subject and 70% will be fillers that will attract the attention to the main subject. This rule allows you to create professional looking art. Follow these simple steps and watch how your sketching prowess increases.

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