Pictures of Calligraphy Writing – How to Practice Your Skills

pictures of calligraphy writing

These can be quite varied, from the more obvious, like your home or work area, to more personal ones like a picture of your kitchen, or one of your family members. This is one way that calligraphy practice can help you develop your own style. When you see something that strikes an individual, such as your kitchen or your living room wall, you can draw from it for inspiration, practicing varying the strokes and the colors until you have a fully developed concept.

Have A Few Favorite Pictures In The Back Of Your Phone

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Even if you are just getting started with calligraphy writing, it is a good idea to have a few favorite pictures in the back of your phone, along with several inked pieces of paper that you can compare and contrast. You may find that you are drawn to some calligraphy letters that you have never even noticed before; by comparing several papers, you will get a better feel for which styles you like best. By experimenting with different calligraphy styles, you are more likely to love the hobby, and you will have a number of calligraphy pictures at your fingertips to help you along.

Another way to make calligraphy more enjoyable is to learn some basic anatomy. There are a number of parts to the complete calligrapher’s anatomy, including the bones of the hands, the pen (a thimble), and the ink. Although these parts might seem unimportant, by learning to recognize and utilize them, you will see a huge difference in your results. Not every type of calligraphy letters look the same. You can even experiment with the types of letters on different parts of the letters to see which brings out the best in your hand.

Start Practicing On Paper First

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If you are new to calligraphy, you may want to start practicing on paper first. Use paper and pencil, and try to create some test text. This will give you an idea of the different aspects of calligraphy writing, such as how thin or thick the paper should be, and what kinds of lines and shading are best to use. When you practice on paper first, it is much easier to recognize the errors you are making and work to correct them on the paper before moving onto the real thing.

Find Some Good Calligraphy Pictures

Next, find some good calligraphy pictures to use as tools. If you don’t know where to find some, you can easily search online for some examples. Many websites will give you the option of downloading several different fonts and lettering from their font library so that you can practice on the paper. You might also choose to print out a sample page so that you can practice over paper. Again, this is an easy way to work through the different aspects of calligraphy so that you can understand them and begin developing your own style.


You may also want to try your hand at drawing calligraphy letters by hand. If you are determined to learn the art, then you should see how to draw a letter by hand before taking on the challenge of learning calligraphy using the computer. It is certainly possible to learn to write calligraphy using the computer, but you will be missing out on the personal interaction that only real hand-drawn letters can bring. Learning to calligraphy by hand is also a lot of fun, and you will have a personal creation that you can show off for years to come.

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