Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You | Art Of Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You

Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You

The pencil sketch is much harder than the digital sketch. People are indeed progressing much faster in the digital world, but learning the traditional form of sketching is always beneficial. Since pencil sketch lays the foundation of the drawing, it is still good to embrace this art. However, if the lack of knowledge is keeping you from embarking on your sketching journey, then here are few tips to set your ball rolling.

Pencil Sketch: The Magic Of Right Pencil

In this form of sketching, a pencil is the one that calls all the shots. Therefore, choosing the right pen is pretty much important. Always remember that the hardness of the graphite will define your sketch. You have options from B to H. You can try and find out which one is perfect for you. However, do remember to sharpen your pencil now and then.

Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You
Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You

Pencil Sketch: Hold It Right

The first thing you need to learn while beginning your sketch journey is how to hold the pencil right. It plays a major role in the final layout of the design. Holding the pencil closer to the end will give you more control. It is something you need to find out. After ample practice sessions, you will know which position suits you the best. Try learning this trick quickly when you are just on the verge of starting your sketch journey.

Draw from Left To Right

The first few days will be tough. To master the traditional form of drawing, you need to learn so many things. Since pencil sketches are prone to smudging, try working your way from left to right. You surely don’t want to keep your hand on the finished sections and smudge all your hard work. Once you are a practiced hand, you will know how to avoid smudging, but when you are just starting, these small tricks help a lot.

Choose What You Want To Draw

Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You
Pencil Sketch: Tips To Guide You

It is always a good idea to first select the image you want to draw. In the initial stage, a random drawing will not help. It might not come out the way you wanted it. It will lead to disappointment. Try to create a layout of an image. It will help you to understand where you need to sharpen your skills.

Learn The Art Of Shading

Shading can be tricky, and it needs practice. From creating patches to smudging a line, it is essential to learn how to tilt your pencil the right way. The more you play with your pencil, the more you will learn about the magic it can create. From a soft pencil to a hard one, each will give you a different shade. Try using different techniques and styles to master this.

The pencil sketch is fun if you learn it well. You need to shuffle and try different ways to come to the perfect ending of your layout.

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