Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing Styles

Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing

Christmas is just around the corner, and another year is coming to an end. Just like you begin the new year on a happy note, you must end the year on a happy note too. And what can be more pleasing than a hand-crafted Christmas wish and note? You can consider choosing different merry Christmas calligraphy writing styles for a beautiful and personalized touch. There is no doubt that personalized and hand-made cards are much better than ready-made ones. Trying your hands on merry Christmas calligraphy writing styles can bring your inner creativity out of you. Also, it is extremely fun and a lovable activity to do.

Why Consider Trying Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing Styles

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Christmas is all about love, happiness, fun, and lots of positivity. It is about telling others that you are there, to shower your love upon them. Gifts aren’t the only way to show your affection towards someone. You can try making a personalized card with merry Christmas calligraphy writing over it. It would carry all your emotions along with your love and affection very well.

Different Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing Styles


Faux Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing

It is an easy three steps of art. First, you need to trace the merry Christmas calligraphy writing on to the paper. In the second step, you need to make the boundaries of the words. In the third step, you need to fill in those boundaries, and that is it.

Small Brush Pens

While using small brush pens, you need to remember a hack. When coming down, you need to apply extra pressure on the tip of the small brush pens, whereas while going up, your hand movement and pressure should be very light. This will help you to get flawless and beautiful writing.

Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing Using Large Brush Pens

When you are using a large brush pen, you don’t need to make boundaries or give any kind of extra strokes to your writing. They give an elaborated effect just with a single stroke.

Where Can You Use Merry Christmas Calligraphy Writing

If you think that the merry Christmas calligraphy writing is only limited to Christmas cards, then you are absolutely wrong. You can use it on hand-made papers and make various kinds of Christmas decor items using them. You can also use your merry Christmas calligraphy writing skills over wrapping papers. Also, you can choose to make a welcome note or a display item with Merry Christmas calligraphy writing over it.


Merry Christmas calligraphy writing has a charm of its own. It carries the essence of affection and a personalized touch. The three techniques of using merry Christmas calligraphy writing are super-easy and simple. Once you decide which technique to use, all you need to do is look for the best design online or offline. There are tonnes of merry Christmas calligraphy writing styles available on Pinterest and Google. You can choose what suits your choice and taste the best, and practice it on a rough paper for once. Once you know you can easily copy it on the final sheet, you are good to go.

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