List Of Creative Thinking Activities

creative thinking activities

Things that you are doing to stimulate your creative thinking are scattered all over the place. They are hidden in stacks of books, locked away in the depths of the internet, or lost forever in the sands of time. This article lists creative thinking activities that will help you fuel your creative spark and develop fresh ideas.

Creative Thinking Techniques

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There are different techniques available to help you solve a problem. First, an effective approach to creative thinking involves keeping your mind open even if it is regressive. You can think of this as brainstorming without limits. Also, think about each idea without any criticism. It is not productive to criticize when you are trying to come up with new ideas. If done correctly, this process will allow your brain’s natural tendency to reproduce past ideas. This will help uncover underlying problems with the current idea, which may be why something will not work out.


Brains are like muscles. The more you exercise, the stronger it becomes. People often think of brainstorming as a brain freeze or a writer’s blockbuster, but really, it’s a tool that can enhance your life in so many ways. What do we mean by brainstorming? Brainstorming is when you take the thoughts swirling around in your head and put them on paper to find solutions to any problem, create original ideas for any situation, and finding innovative ways to approach typical situations. The benefit for businesses is obvious.

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a great way to brainstorm, visualize and organize information into maps that represent our thinking. It gives us an overview of all the main points that we are trying to make. Mind mapping can easily be used in all areas of your life – by students, teachers, business people, and even creative artists.


Artists, thinkers, teachers, and professionals need to be in the right state of mind for creative productivity. This is where meditation can help you achieve that certain mental state that leads to a new perspective or creative insight. The more you meditate, the more you can tap into your creative potential.


Paint is a tool for creative thinking – a medium that allows you to express an idea in one moment. Some people say that creativity requires freedom and the power of imagination, and the ability to move freely from thought to thought. These are qualities inherent in children but are lost over time as we learn how to be more practical. However, there is no reason not to bring this power back into your life.


No better way to get the creative juices flowing than traveling some distance from the everyday pressures of home. So, gather some friends, load up a suitcase, and hit the road. Places that help you express your imagination make new connections or find inspiration have a way of working themselves into a trip’s greater meaning. You’ll never plan exactly where you’re going; choose your destination and go.

Final One: Listen To Music

The opposite of silence stimulates creativity, and listening to music accomplishes this. Music takes elements of silence and shapes them into something you can grasp onto. It is the sound of sound becoming audible again.

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