Learn How To Sketch A Rose

rose pencil sketch

While a rose may not be the most attractive of subjects for a typical artist, it is a subject that is instantly recognizable. And when you add that friendly smile, your rose pencil sketch can become a prized piece of art.

Add In Three Ovals

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Begin by drawing a circle on your paper with a thick black line. Add in three ovals in a short straight line, which will make the roses look fuller. Fill in the rest of the circle with a single rose, and then draw a series of rose strokes around the whole picture, starting with the tip of your pen. This is the basic outline of your rose pencil sketch and will help give the rose shape to your work.

Rose strokes can be anything you want them to be. However, you should try to keep them uniform in size, thickness and direction. A few tips for perfecting your strokes include using a pencil of similar weight to your crayons, and pressing your hand into the water while sketching to get a feel for how your hands work together. This will also help give your rose a realistic effect.

Do A Couple Of Practice Strokes

Next, you need to do a couple of practice strokes before you start adding real colors. Take a fresh tube of ink and spray some of it on your paper. Next, take your rose pencil sketch and create a new circle for your first few lines. These lines are going to act as a guide to your colored in strokes.

Continue in this same fashion using varying amounts of color until you’re happy with the overall effect. When you’re done, simply erase the lines you’ve just drawn using your sharpened blade and dry erase the color. Make sure that the areas you’ve painted are clean and smooth before applying powder or paint. The next time you color in your sketches you’ll have much more control over where you go with your colors.

If you’d like to take your rose pencil sketch even further you can add shading to your drawings. To do this you’ll need to create negative space. What I mean by negative space is drawing the outline of your object without filling it in. To do this you simply place a line between your objects so that you know exactly how far away any two objects are. You can then shade using any medium you’d like from dark to light, just as long as it creates shadows.

Creative Way To Create Shadows

Another creative way to create shadows is to use a brush to create an ochre effect on your rose. To do this, simply hold the rose in front of a full window and create some shadow on the wall. Do this with several passes in quick succession. This is also a great way to create a variety of color with your strokes. By varying your brushes you’ll be able to create a wide spectrum of color and tone.

Last Words

After you have learned how to create highlights and enhance your rose pencil sketches by using color, you can move on to learning how to draw people. One cool effect you can create with your rose pencil sketches when learning to sketch people is to draw their head or hair as if they are looking directly at you. This will add dimension and depth to your rose drawing and will make drawing people much easier for you.

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