Improve Your Skills As An Artist With This Wooden Mannequin Model! You Gonna Thank So Check It Out!

Mannequin is the essential thing in the retail industry as the commodity is displayed and presented on it, because of the idea that people capture their sight first on it. Arranging the commodity on the mannequins is the best way to showcase your product in front of a large audience. There are several ways to promote your commodity or product and increase its sales, mannequins are one of those methods. Not only in the fashion industry but also in the medical industry uses mannequins. The ways to use the mannequin can be different. For some, it is a better way to promote their products and for some, they use it to learn. The medical industry uses mannequins to mimic the reality of healthcare. Medical colleges use mannequins to teach medical students about numerous health issues in the human body before practising them on the real human body.

This article is about wooden mannequins for students or anyone who is an artist, someone who loves keeping crafts. It could also be a gift to your near or dear once. So let’s dig in to know more about this product. 

Wooden Mannequin Model With Joints

This mannequin is completely made out of wooden and every piece of it is sticky together with glue. This wooden mannequin has joints that makes it easy to move and can be placed in different poses and positions. This mannequin can be used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, fashion or medical students, designers, etc. 

If not nothing, you can use this mannequin to showcase in your drawing room to give it an aesthetic look and to entertain your guests. Investing in such a lovely piece is a win win situation in either ways.

Get this amazing wooden mannequin for yourself or you’re known to give them that they will surely love. 


  • Brand Name: Loriver
  • Theme: People
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Wood
  • SKU: CF06583A1
A group of people in a room


  • This mannequin helps you draw human figures and drawings. 
  • Having this mannequin improves your  drawing humans: proportions, sizes, proper views. 
  • This mannequin is also ideal for practising different poses. 
  • Having this mannequin is a great idea for medical students to work on. 
  • Since this mannequin is made from wood, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. 
  • This mannequin has joints that you can easily rotate and work on. 
  • This wooden mannequin can be painted very easily and will give you a realistic look.


  • Working on mannequins cannot be used to modify clothes as their fraction isn’t realistic.
  • Since this mannequin is wooden that’s why it is heavy to take and carry with you all time.


This mannequin is a great gift idea for anyone who is interested in drawing and artists. The movement is fine, scale is good and quality is there with the price. You could even give this to little girls interested in making Barbie clothes, they are going to love it. 

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