If You Are An Art Lover Or Student, This Will Help You To Create Amazing Masterpieces!

Art lovers out there! Get ready to take your art projects to the next level with this incredible hand mannequin model. This wooden hand mannequin with flexible joints is ideal for drawing, painting, and sketching. Ideal for novice artists as well as beginners, this perfect tool will make your art project more realistic than ever before. Besides letting you draw hands accurately, this hand mannequin also acts as stunning home decor. You can craft it as per your choice and keep it anywhere to garner attention. Let’s discover this mannequin model in detail:

Wooden Hand Mannequin Model For Artists Students

Artistic mannequins are extremely crucial for dimensional reference as well as to understand the mechanics of the body while drawing or sketching. If you are an art student, this hand mannequin will help you create realistic hands or hand movements easily. You can use it for drawing, sketching, painting, and other art and craft projects.

This hand mannequin model features high-quality wood construction thus ensuring longevity and durability. The hardware accessories used on it ensure fine fixing while the finely polished processing makes the hand mannequin look smooth and elegant. The model features an anti-slip feature and comes in the left-hand and right-hand models. 

Now draw the hand movements precisely and accurately with this hand mannequin model. The model is created according to the human hand and has 14 flexible joints. That means you can rotate or bend the hand and its fingers easily. Draw different hand poses accurately by getting it right today. 

Apart from drawing or sketching projects, you can utilize this wooden hand mannequin for home decoration. Color it, adorn it with glitters and keep it on the bedside table or coffee table. Not to mention, you can use the hand mannequin to display your hand jewelry. Use it to display bangles, bracelets, rings, gloves, and so on. 

A wooden table

Pros Of Wooden Hand Mannequin Model

  • This wooden hand mannequin helps create amazing masterpieces related to drawing, sketching, painting, and craft.
  • Excellent for displaying items related to handwear.
  • Classic decoration for bedside tables, desks, and so on.
  • Flexible joints allow bending and rotating of fingers and knuckles.
  • Durable and long-lasting mannequin with an anti-slip feature.

Cons Of Wooden Hand Mannequin Model

  • Fingers of this hand mannequin can only move in-line. 
  • You have to clean the mannequin regularly to prevent dust accumulation in the joints. Otherwise, the joints can become stiffer and won’t move enough to deliver the right pose.


Create amazing masterpieces with this wooden hand mannequin that will help you draw hands/hand movements accurately. This durable and long-lasting mannequin has flexible joints to help rotate or bend it. Although the fingers can just be moved in alignment, this mannequin is still ideal for drawing, sketching, and painting. You can also use it for home decoration or to display handwear such as gloves and fashion accessories like bangles, rings, bracelets, etc. This wooden hand mannequin has a smooth finish and brilliant color. Indeed, an amazing investment for art lovers or students!

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