How To Use Pencil Sketch Images In The Classroom

pencil sketch images

Color pencil drawings are often much more attractive than their pencil counterparts and can be much easier on the eye. Here are some tips on how to bring color pencil drawings to life.

One important part of making pencil sketches is learning how to bring highlights and shadows into the picture. Highlights and shadows can be brought into color pencil drawings with a combination of a light source (like a candle), and shadow. With your brush, smudge the highlights with a darker color until they are blended. Be careful to only use your fingers on your sketches.

Color Pencil Drawings By Using Shading

A pencil on a table

You can also add depth to your color pencil drawings by using shading to define objects in the picture. For example, if you are drawing a large object with a lot of details, you can use a wavy line to make the object seem like it is a curved shape. Curves and wavy lines are commonly used in pencil art. Using a lot of shaded images will make your artwork much more dynamic and can lend it an air of mystery.

The main point to remember when working with a color pencil sketch is that your image should have depth. If there is not enough detail then the drawing will lack the dimension that most artists look for in their work. To add more depth to your color pencil art, you can just smudge the highlights and or blend in more colors to bring more realism to the piece. Another technique that you can use to add depth to your drawings is to smudge an area of the image very lightly with a pencil.

Not To Draw Lines Crossing Each Other

A drawing of a face

When making your pencil sketch images you need to be careful not to draw lines crossing each other. This can result in having blurry lines when you are finished. So, when making your sketches use smooth flowing lines. Smooth lines will give your image more definition and realism. Also, when making your sketches make sure to keep your eye on the big picture and not get so focused on the small details that you lose the focus on the big picture.

For making your image look like it has depth you will want to add depth by using multiple lines. Multiple lines can be made by using thin vertical lines to make your image look like a tree trunk. Or by making vertical lines equal to thin horizontal lines. Make sure to make your lines as evenly spaced as possible throughout your image.


One technique you can use with color pencil sketches is called dry-brushing. This is done by drawing a color pencil onto a soft piece of white paper. Then wet your color pencils with some water to help them maintain their wet appearance. Next, wet your piece of paper with some water to help it dry properly. Once your dry-brush piece of paper is ready, draw a line down the center and two lines to the side of your image.

Then take your color pencil sketches and place them inside the center of the image. This will create the shape of your image. To finish your pencil sketch images you can fill in the center of your image with some white colored pencil.

Apply A Pattern Onto Your Image

One last tip you can use for your color pencil sketches is to apply a pattern onto your image. For example, if you are drawing an oval, then you could apply a circular pattern onto your image. Apply the pattern to your oval until it looks about a quarter of an inch across. Then take your color pencil and do a thin line of black across the entire circle. Once you have your image filled with black, erase the color pencil and then do your final touch up with some white paint.

These types of images are perfect for teachers, because they can create a lot of different learning activities. If your teacher is going to do a lesson on fundamentals of anatomy, for example, they can use these images to demonstrate the different organs and parts. If they are teaching math students about multiplication tables, they can create simple diagrams that show addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. For artists, these images are also useful because they allow them to create 3D objects and scenes. The next time your child or student wants to read, watch a movie, or play a video game, you can simply show them an image created with the aid of a high quality pencil and paper.


Creating your own pencil sketch pictures is a great way to practice, improve, and develop your drawing skills. However, before you start to do this, you will want to learn how to create them first. There are many different tutorials available online. You may want to read some of these and then implement them into your daily life. Once you have become more comfortable with pencil sketching, you can begin doing more advanced sketches using different colors and various techniques.

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