How To Draw With Watercolor Sketch Pencils

A Watercolor Sketch Pencil Set is a good investment in your craft. In fact, they come packaged with one watercolor sketch pencil, a medium/fine point pen and an assortment of thin airbrush tools that will help you create a variety of different designs, from flowers to desert landscapes. The various accessories that come with the package includes:

Tips And Colors

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An assortment of watercolor pencils in different sizes, tips and colors are included in this box. There is also a pencil tray with removable inner liner that you can use for storage. The box also contains a sketch pad (with eraser) and an inner tube for carrying the pencils. Most products include one watercolor sketch pencil and one sponge.

This package contains one watercolor pencil and one sponge. The package also includes a pen tray with removable liner that you can use for storage. Most products include one watercolor sketch pencil and one sponge. They also include an inner tube for carrying the pencils.

Basic Brands

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These are the more basic brands that many people purchase to get started in watercolor. However, there are other options to consider such as Fine Line, which has several different sizes and styles of pens. Jitterbug offers a wide selection of pens, as well as pencils made from metal as well as paper. If you are just getting started in sketching, you may want to consider a beginner’s kit that contains a fine point pencil, and an assortment of color brushes.

Another choice is to buy a starter’s kit that comes with all the supplies necessary to paint, including a watercolor sketch pad and various brushes. A good kit will include everything you need to complete a professional-looking watercolor sketch. You will need to choose colors you like – yellow, blue, green, pink, and red are typical choices – and then decide how you want your sketches to look when finished. There are kits available that have liners on the inside of the sketch pads so that when they are wet they keep colors inside the sketch pad. Or, you can purchase an instructional “how-to” book that has all the equipment and supplies you need.

Purchase A Book

You can purchase a book or an e-book that has detailed instructions about using a watercolor sketch pad. One of the most important things to remember when using a watercolor pencil is that you must hold the pencil firmly at an angle and just begin sketching. Do not bend the pencil. This will cause stress to your wrist and elbow, two areas that are prone to injuries during watercolor drawing. Hold the watercolor pencil firmly at an angle and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for holding the pencil correctly.


After a few tries you will be able to draw detailed watercolor images with ease. Watercolor is a wonderful medium that allows for infinite creativity. The watercolor sketch pencil can be made into all kinds of art work such as cartoons, landscapes, fountains, jewelry boxes, baby photos, etc. Just use your imagination to think of other ways you can use your watercolor sketch pencils. Have fun learning to draw with watercolor sketch pencils.

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