How To Draw Eyebrows With Eyes

Eyes Pencil Sketch

When you are drawing eyes you have many options to choose from and one of the simplest pencil sketch ideas is to use a pair of eyes as a group. This is an extremely versatile style and can be used for any character from a cat to a dog, the old saying applies.

One of the first things you want to do when starting a pencil sketch of eyes is make sure that you get the focus right, and then you can begin to draw the eye with the group of eyes. You should always draw the whole group together, so that there is a clear separation between the pupils, eyelids and the iris, this is very important.

To start drawing the group of eyes, make sure that you place the main group together with the pupil in the centre. You then draw a straight line across the line between the two groups of eyes. You can also draw lines to separate the pupils, this is useful for when you are adding shading.

Some Important Things To Consider

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As you draw the group of eyes, it is always important to keep in mind that you should not draw the lines too close to each other as this can look like your eye is staring at a point on the eye or around the pupil. This can be distracting and can spoil the effect.

When you draw the pupil it is important to draw the line along the bottom of the eye, this helps to draw the eye shadow into the eye, as you do this to draw the shadow out over the upper part of the eye to help blend the eye shadow into the drawing. If you are working on a white paper, make sure you draw the shadows onto a white background so that they are visible.

As you draw the group of eyes you can then move to the different areas of the eye. For example, you can draw the corner of the eye or the eyelid crease.

Some Important Areas To Focus On

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The eyelid crease is the area around the eye that has the largest amount of skin, this area can be very tricky to draw as it is always difficult to get a good perspective on this area. Draw the crease as a soft line that goes down the middle of the lid and curves up over the eyelid. This can be a bit difficult to draw but is something that is worth trying to make sure that it looks the best.

Another very important area that you will need to draw is the brow of the eye. This is the area where the eyebrows meet the eye and helps to bring the eye forward, if you draw it correctly you will be able to draw the whole eye together.

To draw the brow line you should draw an imaginary line from the eyebrow crease to the crease between the eyebrows. Draw this as a soft line to draw a shadow.

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The eyelids are a very important area, you will find that it is easy to draw them if you are drawing them on a white paper, the first thing to draw is the eyelids. Make sure that you start with a dark shade and gradually move to a lighter shade to make sure that it looks natural.

Once you have finished drawing the area it is then time to add shading and the eyes will be the focal point of the drawing. You should draw a darker line on the inside of the eyelid to help to highlight it and draw another thin line across the top part of the eyelids to help you add some depth.

Bottom Line

Now draw a thin line across the entire area of the eyelid to draw the shape of the eye. Use the same techniques for the crease. Try and get an idea of what looks best for your drawing before starting to draw, you should draw the whole drawing before moving onto the other areas.

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