How To Draw An Eye Pencil Sketch?

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Drawing portraits, or a person’s facial element, is difficult and requires practice. We want to see faces day-in-and-day-out, which makes us highly susceptible to notice mistakes during a portrait drawing or painting. Even if a non-artist wasn’t ready to decipher where the error is found specifically, he/she would presumably know that something is not looking quite right. This makes it essential for artists to review countenance in isolation and understand their structures and proportions, also as their appropriate location within the top area. This knowledge, alongside an efficient rendering of values, is what is going to make a portrait (or facial elements) look believable. We highly recommend finding out this page during which we explain why studying countenance individually will assist you in improving your portraits and what we personally do to review these – 

Improve Your Portrait Artwork By Doing These Tricks – Steps Of Drawing Realistic Eye Pencil Sketch

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You will need Pencils (HB, 2B, 6-8B), Eraser stick or kneaded eraser, Regular rubber lead eraser, Sharpener, Blending stump, and paper (sketchbook or Bristol board).

Start with an excellent, high-quality picture reference. When you are attempting to draw anything realistically, it’s essential to use an excellent photographic reference (unless you’re drawing from life, but we’ll not be stepping into this at the instant as this is often more of a beginner-oriented tutorial). Do you realize why working with a reference allows us to develop our observational skills, which is completely key? As artists looking to enhance the sense of realism in our work, I must learn to ascertain.

Not to mention, a reference keeps us informed about what the topic actually seems like and reminds us of details that we will easily forget if we did not have it. These details can make or break our drawings/paintings! It’s important to draw our subject on how it actually seems like in the real world and not how we expect it’s like.

What Makes A High – Quality Photograph?


For the foremost part, you would like to look for pictures that demonstrate good lighting and have a high resolution that allows you to concentrate to obviously see details as required. You want to start out out any drawing by creating a light-weight sketch that integrates all necessary elements and demonstrates effective proportion and placement of every one of those elements with regard to every other.

For this first sketch, use your harder-lead pencil (H-HB). Because achieving adequate proportion and site of individual facial elements is extremely important when drawing faces, I prefer creating guidelines for myself within the sort of small ticks before actually starting my drawing.


Our eyes are spherical forms that are set in deep sockets in our skulls. They even have an outsized protruding form in between them (the nose) and a brow bone above them. All of those things create nooks and crannies and interesting shadows around our eyes. Take you are drawing a touch further and convey your eyes together by adding within the shadows you see around them.

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