How To Draw A Pencil Sketch Of Flowers – For Beginners

pencil sketch of flowers

Drawing a flower is something that we all have done as a child. Whether it was for a school task, or just for fun, we surely have drawn quite some flowers when we were young. Some of us might even have dressed up as flowers for school plays! While the children sketches of flowers are a whole different thing completely, drawing a flower is not as easy as it may seem.

You need to draw the perfect outline and get the arrangements of the petals just right to make sure that the flower looks like you want it to look. Drawing a pencil sketch of flowers needs utter concentration.

So how can you teach your child to draw a flower in a simple way?

After much trial and error we have chalked out these 3 simple and easy steps that can not only teach a child to draw a pencil sketch of a flower, but can also help the ones who know how to draw a flower get better at their art. What are these steps that we are talking about? Let us find out!

Step 1 – Draw The Stem Of The Flower And Atop It Draw A Rough Outline Of What The Flower Looks Like

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Well, drawing the stem is easy. Just a simple straight line going from the top to the bottom of the page (well, not the whole page though). It looks better when it is rather a stroke than a carefully drawn straight line. That gives a natural look to the sketch and makes it look comparatively more realistic. Now, just above the line, ask your child to draw a rough outline of what the flower looks like from the side. If it is a tulip, it will look like a tumbler, if it is a rose, it will look like a shorter tumbler and so on.

Step 2 – Outline The Arrangement Of The Petals Carefully

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Once your child has drawn and corrected the outline of the shape of the flower, it is time to draw the petals. He or she can do so by drawing dotted lines inside the outline or he or she can even draw a solid line just like there is in the flowers. Although you do not have to be very careful about the petal lining being absolutely correct, drawing a crooked line can, on the other hand, ruin the sketch. So, make sure to guide your children properly as to how they can draw the petals.

Step 3 – Make The Final Changes

Once your child is ready with a rough outline, ask them to rub it off slightly. Make sure that they do not rub it off completely because now it is time for them to follow that outline and give final shape to the flowers. Once they follow the outline and connect all the lines that are there, their pencil sketch of flowers is ready to be flaunted!

Wrapping Up

Well, not so difficult was it? Drawing anything can be made simple if you follow the right steps. So make sure to teach your kids ace this simple and easy process and watch them outshine all other children in their class!

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