Guide For Calligraphy Writing On Board

People have made a perception that calligraphy is a tough thing to do, which is not true. Calligraphy is easy if you are a beginner; all you need is the right tools and some practice, which can help you improve. First of all, you have to accept that you are not professional and believe that you can become a good calligrapher. You have to give yourself time to learn different styles and nibs, but you should not lose hope and get demotivated. Therefore, to learn calligraphy in less time, you need some equipment like a pen, type of ink, board, paper, etc. here is a guide for calligraphy writing on boards and various tools you may need, check out our article to know more about it.

Pens To Consider While Learning Calligraphy

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First of all, you need to select the best type of pen which is suitable for you. You have three options to choose which are traditional dip pen, cartridge-filled pen, and disposable pen. If you want to use a dip pen, you can choose various nibs and styles, but you have to be more careful while using this dip pen. You have to learn and practice according to your holding position of the pen, as the style can vary. On the other hand, cartridges and disposable pens are widely used by calligraphers because they are easy to use and carry.

Moreover, cartridges and disposable pens are non-refillable. The second thing you have to consider is nibs, which are two types italic and flex nib. Italic is widely used for the gothic and squared writing style, and flex is used for the sharp and pointed style of writing.

Italic Nib For Calligraphy Writing

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There are various types of the italic nib, so you have to choose the best for your suitability. First comes the pilot parallel calligraphy; its specialty is that it has two parallel lines on one flat surface, which makes you help make bold letters. The ink flows even on the square corners and the blunt edges, which helps in making the text beautiful. With this type of pen, you can make a gradient effect by using another parallel line along with it. You will get a lot of options in size so that you can choose as per need.

Type Of Flex Nib For Calligraphy Writing

The flex nib is a brush type of pen, and it is used to substitute traditional nib pens. One of the flex nibs is speedball no. 101. It is easy to use and flexible, as it can give you thick and thin lines and how much you press it. One other flex nib is the zebra G-nib, as it is widely used in comic and manga writing. However, it is not flexible as other flex nibs, but much useful.


At last, it all depends upon your practice and the hard work you have put into calligraphy. Make sure you use the best tools instead of several tools, expertise yourself with one type of tool, and always love this art.

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