Get Fancy With Calligraphy Writing

fancy calligraphy writing

If you are a member of Instagram, you should see the Instagram feed for its font selection. The font of your choice can be obtained from Instagram’s fonts section where they offer over 100 styles for both text and images. The font can also be directly downloaded from the site or purchased through Instagram’s font shop. I like to buy fonts as I often update my account and since I have Instagram, it is very simple to update fonts on my account. You should see all the available fonts in Instagram’s fonts section and the size of the font that you want to download and install.

Buying A Font

The next step in buying or downloading a font is to learn the basics of how to use it. You will need a pen and paper to do so. I prefer to write out my text’s first on a clean piece of paper before I use a pen or marker to write out my fancy calligraphy style. This way, I know that everything is straight and crisp. Then, I transfer the text and lettering from my computer onto paper.

You can also purchase fonts online but I prefer to use them in my computer first and then transferring them to my lettering. For example, I bought a lettering font called Babylock for my DIY wedding invitation. It came with a set of diy wedding invitation letters that include the styles. After I installed the font, I printed out the diy wedding invitation letters to test it out. Since I was using a clean copy of the font, I printed the text out neatly and lightly so that there are no smudges or streaks when it is actually used on the invitation letters.

After testing it out, I decided to use the Babylock font on the front of my card. It turned out to be exactly what I wanted! I printed out the two sides of the invitation and attached it to my card. The invitation was complete with my fancy fonts and it gave my wedding invitation design a unique look.

If you are going DIY, then you will have to use your imagination to decorate your DIY wedding stationery letters. For example, I decorated mine with the “Babylock” font and used px effects for the images… I downloaded several images from YouTube and scanned them into my Pads. I then printed out the images and pasted them on my letters. I actually printed out the images and copied them on photo paper so that I can paste the images directly on my fancy lettering.

There is also software available to use with your computer which will enable you to generate your own font. This software is called a calligraphy font generator. You simply enter some text and it will generate a bunch of fancy calligraphy lettering that you can use in your own lettering. The font generator will also allow you to pick out a basic layout for your font…

Final Words


If you are using ink to create your DIY wedding stationery, then the process will be similar to how you would create your own calligraphy fonts lettering. You can either get calligraphy fonts circuit to print out your own letters or you can just purchase a set of generic Calligraphy lettering supplies from an online source. It really depends on how much time you want to spend on this project. A set of calligraphy fonts cricut is a lot cheaper than a set of fancy calligraphy lettering supplies.

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