Easy Pencil Drawing Learn How to Do Some Realistic Pencil Drawings

easy pencil drawings

An easy pencil drawing is an art form for all ages and genders. I have always been attracted to them and have tried many methods to draw neat lines and shapes. They also look good when used with color pens. Learn to draw easy pencils effectively and easily.

Practice Simple And Easy Pencil Drawings

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The easiest way for beginners is to practice simple pencil drawings. Most people think the biggest advantage of the hobby is just the pencils required to begin. This is wrong and most kids become discouraged when they realize that it takes more than that to produce good results. All you require is a relatively normal 2B pencil, some crayons and colored paper. Since so much emphasis is put on the quality of the drawing tools, use recycled paper to cut out the extra details on the animals.

The first thing to do for easy pencil drawings of animals is to sketch out the main body outline with a fairly clear view in your mind’s eye. You can then add the various details like the legs, arms, ears, eyes and skin with a separate sketch. As you get more confident with drawing, you can remove the details and fill in the areas with color. This is how you will achieve the great appearance that can be created with the use of color and even shading.

Understand The Basic Structure Of Man And Animal In Order To Create A Realistic Rendering

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A good drawing lesson for easy pencil drawings of animals should focus on the basic structure of an animal. You need to understand the basic structure of man and animal in order to create a realistic rendering. In drawing, it is easier to see the relationship between the parts than it is when trying to depict something with only a picture. Most beginners are surprised by this fact. It is necessary to memorize that the goal is to have a well-defined image source that can be easily viewed in your mind’s eye.

One easy pencil tutorial that you can follow is to draw an object with a pencil using the eraser that has been slightly bent back to create a concave curve. After that, erase the upper portion of the sketch and fill it with some gray paint. This will serve as your guide in learning how to shade in the different areas of your drawing with the use of the eraser.

Learn How To Draw With The Use Of The Eraser

Next, you need to learn how to draw with the use of the eraser. Since you already have some highlights that you can shade with the pencil, you can easily erase the dark portions with the eraser simply. As early as you are done with your sketch, you can start adding some color details in the highlighted areas of the image using the eraser. Use the tip of your finger or pencil to do this.

There are also other simple pencil drawings that you can follow to learn how to draw animals. The easiest of these illustrations is of course when you are dealing with human beings. You can have the most beautiful and detailed of all human faces if you simply put a some drops of water on the wet face and draw the outline of a person’s face. It may seem like a very easy task, but you get a very detailed human image when you add in all the details such as the nose, lips, eyes, and hair. The next time you want to learn how to draw animals, try this easy step. You can try drawing your own picture of people, dogs, cats, and many other things.


Some people prefer to go the more natural route of drawing animals rather than doing some kind of abstract sketches. There are a number of DVDs and books available that teach you how to draw various types of animals in a very easy manner. Learning how to do this will not only make you a better artist but you will also be able to create some truly amazing images from simple pencil drawings. You can use your image source of paper and pencils to create the final result. No matter what your image source is or how you choose to create your realistic pencil drawings from basic papers, pencils, and watercolors, you will be creating something that looks very real.

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