Decision Making Games – How To Get Into A Creative Yet Productive Zone

Decision Making Games

Decision making is a cognitive process. It is a process in which an individual has various alternatives from which he has to select either one or a particular number of options or courses of action. An individual may select an option based on his preference, values, beliefs, ethics, etc. The selection decision of a particular choice from the gamut of alternatives may be a rational decision or an irrational decision. To make sure children mostly make rational decisions at their age, and when they grow up, there are various decision making games that you can play with your kid(s). Various decision making games are available on the internet. This article will further guide you with some fun, useful, and amazing decision making games.

Decision Making Games

Without any further ado, let us get started with some traditional and modern decision making games.

Tic-tac-toe: Tic-tac-toe or zero and cross is the easiest yet effective decision-making game. Not only do you need to choose squares that will help you get a row of three, but you also need to pick squares to stop your partner from possibly getting three in a row. Its easiness allows for the recognition of movement patterns that lead to a winning result or a draw.

Musical Chairs – Musical chairs are one of the best decision making games to teach children quick decision making. Players have to take on the spot and instant decisions to continue and win the game. If an instant decision is not taken regarding which chair to choose, you will end up losing the game.

More Decision Making Games

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Monopoly: You can play monopoly with anyone, whether a kid, teenager, or an adult. To play with kids, you can start with junior monopoly as they grow up, advance to the adult monopoly. A monopoly game requires strategic decision making and thinking about money matters.

Chess or Checkers – Chess is considered as one of the most strategies involving game. Even if a single step goes wrong, you can lose the entire game. Chess helps in decision making as an individual decides which pawn to move, where to move, which step to take the next, etc. It also helps in visualizing future strategies and outcomes.


Ask questions to your children, give them various choices, and ask them to select any one option from it. For example, ask them what would they rather want to be – an elephant or an ant? What do they want to do – be able to breathe deep underwater or fly high in the sky?


Are you looking for some fun games that will increase your productivity? This article will guide and suggest to you some amazing and useful decision making games. Above mentioned games are some of the best decision making games that will help your child grow and develop his/her cognitive skills. You can use these games at your office to keep all the employees entertained and still improve their productivity by enhancing their skills. This will improve employee retention and engagement within a productive workplace.

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