Creative Thinking In Business – How It Helps Your Restaurant

creative thinking in business

Creative Thinking in business should always be implemented especially in the marketing strategy because a restaurant business should be capable of covering more consumers with their creativity. While the taste of the food is the primary reason why customers would visit a restaurant, the idea of creativity will help in more word of mouth marketing and Consumers visiting the place for the Vibe as well. 

Ideas To Know

The staff also needs to work hard in meeting the requirements of the customers. A menu should hold different varieties of food in addition to spicy flavor. It will not only increase the number of regular customers but also increase their patronage. Instead, restaurant marketers should continue to be innovative in increasing sales. A prepared restaurateur with ample resources and references has a better chance of successfully operating a restaurant. Additionally, a proper business plan can assist the restaurateur to more creatively and accurately envision long-term goals.

Example From Haier Company

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The employees at the factory were given supervisors to whom they had to discuss their goals every day before their shift began. They had to again meet their supervisors at the end of the day for assessment. Not just the employees but also the managers were to follow certain rules when it came to performance. To boost morale and initiate healthy competition, all the managers’ performance used to be displayed to everyone. Haier also had another management system for an appraisal which was quite innovative. The top 10% of the employees were given a promotion and the bottom 10% were sent back for training again. The company bore their expense of the training. After training, when those employees were back to work if they once again were in the bottom 10%, they were sent to training but at their own expense. If those people again came in the bottom 10%, they were fired. Another management system that Haier practiced was Job rotation. Here, the employee’s performance was tested at different positions before a final job position was given to him. This increased productivity and creativity to a great extent. A positive sense of competition was established amongst all the employees to boost productivity. 


It is recommended that the restaurant owners and operators need to pay special attention to the hygiene of the restaurants to improve their businesses.The restaurant marketers need to make a significant attempt to improve the look of the restaurant. By making some investments in interior design, the restaurants need to have a clean and attractive look. Some restaurants should depict their culture through their look. There should be diversity in the menu card, and it should be updated from time to time. In this way, customers will not lose interest and will continue to stop by to try new dishes. Other recommendations for a fine-dining restaurant to increase profitability is to market itself through traditional marketing, online marketing, and social media marketing along with service strategies for achieving customer satisfaction. 


These ideas should be put under the marketing and advertising strategy of a restaurant. Creating the restaurant’s webpage, advertising it on different social media platforms, and enhancing search engine optimization are some useful ways of online and social media marketing.

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