Creative Thinking Games To Become More Productive

creative thinking games

We are all creative, but creativity, like any other ability, can be developed with activities and games specifically designed for it. It is essential to be more creative since divergent thinking is more developed. They are people with positive self-esteem, who have more confidence in themselves, a developed perception, a great intuitive capacity, a great imagination, a lot of enthusiasm, a great intellectual curiosity, and excellent positivism. So, here are some creative thinking games to help you build creativity.

Draw And Associate

A close up of a bright light in front of a sunset

A highly recommended tactic to do frequently is to draw a picture of whatever it is and share it with a few people. They will tell you what they think of the picture in one word. With that word, you will create a concept, and in this way, you will discover the potential that your drawing denotes.


A close up of a guitar

Disconnect from your activities so that your head works from another point of view and based on other platforms. For example, you can download exciting applications for your smartphone. Take advantage of the disconnection moment, do maintenance on your computer, and delete files that do not serve you.

Make New Paths

You probably make the same trips every day: from your home to the office, and from the office to home. Regardless of whether this path is the closest, economic, or safe, it would be convenient for you to take alternate routes to make new associations, and your panorama will change. You can visit a place in the city that you do not know, but you have always wanted to go; visit a restaurant you don’t know or a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Read New Genres

Allow yourself to read a comic, take advantage of the contributions of a new narrative and creative elements. Read a book about entrepreneurship, self-esteem, self-help, or whatever motivates you. It is also good to learn a new word from the dictionary every day.

Salable Absurdities

It consists of offering pencils and a blank sheet to each participant and asking them to write on it the most absurd and nonsensical idea that they can think of. As if from one second to another, a severe madness had attacked them. You should invite them to write without rationalizing the ideas or censoring or evaluating them. Just get carried away.

Infinite Prayer

It is about collectively creating a sentence, to which each participant will add, in turn, a new element until it becomes unrecognizable on its starting point. Participants can be asked to offer some opening sentence ideas, and the one they like best is chosen by vote to use.

Last One: “I’m Like Because” On Chain

Writing metaphors helps make thinking more flexible. But it is not always easy to write to them. The “I’m like because” technique makes this work more comfortable. It consists of someone defining themselves by completing the sentence “I am like ______ because ______.” You could choose an abstract animal, object, or concept and then explain why.

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