Creative Thinking Definition – Start Flowing Your Thinking Assumptions

creative thinking definition

Creative thinking is a well-known concept, but what exactly does it mean? The definition given by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary (10th Edition) says: “the power of coming up with unusual or unexpected ideas and doing them so well that you can’t resist them.” More specifically, it says: “the ability to come up with new or innovative ideas and ways of operating creatively in the face of difficulty or obstacle.” Creativity may be defined as the ability to recognize and solve problems or to design and manufacture structures and systems that meet complex or challenging needs.” This definition of creativity should help to define what creative thinking is all about.

Creative Problem Solving As An Activity

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It may also be helpful to think of creative problem solving as an activity, a series of movements, or a process whereby creative ideas or solutions are generated in response to a particular situation. Many believe that the creative mindset is much more about the future than the here and now. Many people argue that the definition of creative thinking is so broad and indefinite that it encompasses any activity or thought that deals with the unexpected or the unknown. But many others believe that the real test of a creative thinker is their ability to solve problems in everyday life situations rather than their ability to create speculations or abstractions out of the available details or data. They say that this broader focus is better to determine if a person has a creative mind.

Resistance To Change

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The biggest problem that most people have when using creativity to solve problems is the resistance to change. Most people will find it very hard to accept something that is not as it is right now. This resistance, unfortunately, is extreme and can be overcome by introducing more detail into the problem. When the problem is straightforward, adding more details or information will usually increase the person’s willingness to accept and deal with it. This willingness will generally translate into more creativity.

Produce Or Create Something Uniquely

Creativity is the ability to produce or create something uniquely of your choosing. This may seem obvious, but many find it challenging to apply this ability to everyday life. It is straightforward to fall into the trap of using someone else’s creative ideas to solve problems, which is why it is essential to be self-directed and not dependent upon other people’s ideas or creations. You will find that by following this definition and taking the initiative, you will move mountains in your business, art, and creativity.

Creative Thinkers

Most creative thinkers will tell you that their greatest joy in life is coming up with new ideas and ways to solve problems. As they say, the issues that can’t be solved can’t hurt us. Many creative thinkers will also claim that the problem usually doesn’t exist until the creative spark is kindled. This means that it may never have been a problem to begin with and that the only way to know is to start to think outside the box.

Developing New Ideas For Your Business

When trying to develop new ideas for your business or art projects, remember that your creative juices will constantly be flowing. This is because, as creative thinkers, you know how to think creatively. You don’t have to be correct, as long as you can come up with the idea worth looking at. If you can open your eyes, look at a problem from different perspectives and then figure out a creative way to make it work, you are ahead of the game and have already started on your adventure toward creating something new.

Find A Way To Ignite Your Creative Thinking

The next step in this creative thinking definition is finding a way to ignite your creative thinking fire. Most experts will tell you that if you go to an aquarium and look around at all the different species of fish, you will notice that each fish has a slightly different personality. Now take a look at those animals that live together in the same aquarium. You will see similarities in their characters, but they still have to find a way to survive in the wild. This is what you are doing when you are working on your problem-solving sessions. You are trying to spark a curious mind in your fish and let it run riot.


It takes creativity to come up with unique solutions to problems. This is why there are no prizes for being the best creative thinker. You will be the best at what you do! Just keep trying, and you will soon find yourself having more creative thinking sessions than you can handle.

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