Complete guide on dragon drawing

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1. Begin by drawing a simple outline of the dragon’s body.

2. Next, add in the details of the body, such as the head, arms, and legs.

3. Finally, add in the features of the dragon’s face and tail.


-You can be as creative as you want with the design of the dragon.

-It can be a fun and challenging project to work on.

-The finished product will be a unique and special addition to your collection.


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-It can be difficult to get the proportions right.

-It takes a lot of time and effort to complete the project properly.

-A misdrawn dragon can be difficult to fix.


-You will need a good picture of a dragon to use as a reference.

-You may want to use a pencil on paper and then trace the drawing with ink when you’re finished. This way, any mistakes you make won’t ruin your final product.

-It’s a good idea to plan out your dragon before you begin drawing it. Draw a front and side view of the head, body, and tail. Then, look at your reference picture and draw all three views on a separate piece of paper. Join them together to make a complete outline of the dragon.

-Be as creative as you want with the design of your dragon. Make it a different shape, color, or age if you’d like.

-It’s a good idea to draw out the outline in pencil first and then trace over it in ink when you’re done. This will allow you to correct any mistakes before they become permanent.

-For a more challenging and life-like dragon, try using colored pencils or watercolors to add color.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question: What is the best way to draw a dragon?

Answer: There are many different ways to draw a dragon. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy yourself!

Question: Is it difficult to draw a dragon?

Answer: It can be challenging, but if you are determined then you can do it!

Question: What is the best paper to use when drawing a dragon?

Answer: Any type of paper will work. If your final product isn’t going to be colored in any way, then regular printer paper is a good choice.

Question: Is it okay if I color my dragon?

Answer: Definitely! Coloring is the best part, so go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Question: Can you use markers to color in your dragon?

Answer: Not recommended. Markers will bleed through paper and damage the next page that it touches. However, if you are very careful then go ahead and use them – just don’t let the marker touch any other pages.

Question: How long should it take to draw a dragon?

Answer: It can take anywhere from an hour to several days depending on how detailed your design is.

Question: How old do you have to be to draw a dragon?

Answer: You can be of any age to draw a dragon – everyone is welcome!

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