Cartoon Pencil Sketches Are Back In Play

Cartoon Pencil Sketch

If you think the color in art form has taken over all drawing/sketching forms, you are highly mistaken. Although colorful art forms have their admirers, pencil sketches, they have their popularity. In short, pencil sketches are drawings executed with an instrument composed of graphite enclosed in a wood casing and intended either as a sketch for a more elaborate work in another medium, an exercise in visual expression, or a finished work. Cartoon pencil sketches are the most famous kind of pencil sketches. Making cartoons using pencil sketches is believed to be the most ancient art form, as sketches are also being used on rocks, pillars, walls since primitive ages.

Comic Strips

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To show different sides of the same coin, cartoonists often use this kind of art form. It marked the foundation of telling funny stories through cartoon pencil sketches. Comic strips are a type of cartoon; found in newspapers and magazines, but they are commonly called; comic strips. Sometimes it depicts animals like Garfield. Later cartoon sketches from the 1950s onwards show superheroes such as Superman and The Phantom. Comic books assemble many cartoons as a comic book. The book usually tells a long story, longer than a newspaper would want to print, or several stories. Comic strips posted on the internet are webcomics. Some use animation for showing effects. Like

comic books, they may be large, and most have an extensive collection of earlier strips for new readers so that longer stories can be easily told. Independent artists publish many webcomics for a long period. The cartoon might be a drawing, sketch, or painting that would be put onto a wall or ceiling. The cartoon can also be put on the wall, and its design gets easily marked onto the walls plastered as a wall pattern. Previously, Cartoons were made to design tapestry. The finished tapestries belonged to the Vatican city.

Political Cartoon

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In the 1700s, artists often made sets of funny drawings using pencils about political issues, such as poverty, elections, war, thoughts. The drawings were converted into prints and were made very affordable. These prints were not known as cartoons, but they led to political cartoons in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, many newspapers publish political cartoons every day. The word;cartoon; was first used in an English magazine called Punch in 1843. A political cartoon does not necessarily show real people. Sometimes it may use a personification of a country or an organization, a creature, or a monster. For instance, Britain might be shown as a woman holding a baby in Australia in her arms. Russia might be shown as a bear. The United States can be shown as a Bald Eagle.


Cartoon pencil sketches are the best way to depict a message as it looks creative and funny, mainly when used by a cartoonist for comic and political works.

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