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Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow

Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow

Calligraphy writing is not only an art but it is also unfussy. The best thing about calligraphy is, it is affordable. It is also to be noted that handwritten things help in bringing down anxiety. Sometimes it is good to take time out to practice calligraphy to clear the brain out. Now, if you are trying to master the art of calligraphy, then here are few tips to get you going.

Calligraphy Writing: Check The Video Tutorials

In case you are a beginner, and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on learning this art, then try the free video tutorial. These calligraphy tutorials are easily available on the internet, and you can download the worksheet and practice at home. It will save you money. However, it would be best if you kept on practicing to master this art.

Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow
Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow

Calligraphy Writing: Pick Your Tools

When calligraphy is mentioned, the first thing that will come to mind is the ‘style’. Well, this ‘style’ can never be perfected without the use of proper tools. It would be best if you decided whether you are comfortable with a straight pen or oblique pen. As a beginner, using an oblique pen will be handy as it allows automatic angling. Fountain pens are also a good idea. You need to find one with a flexible nib so that the writing flows smoothly.

Calligraphy Writing: Follow The Instruction

Calligraphy is nothing less than a masterpiece. To start with the same, you need to follow the exact instruction. You will find many helpful manuals which to decode this source of writing. From the proper pressure to the perfect slanting, these manuals will take your writing style to the next level. However, it would help if you remembered that only practice will make you perfect. Therefore, practicing calligraphy every day will set the rhythm, the pressure, and the speed right.

Give Yourself Sometimes

Don’t be disappointed if you are taking too long to learn calligraphy. To become an expert, you need to give this some time. It is not a very easy task. Understanding the right slanting of the pen, the speed, or the pressure will take more time than you can imagine. You need to give yourself time to learn and understand the entire procedure. With slow but steady practice sessions, you will master this skill.

Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow
Calligraphy Writing: The Tips To Follow


To hone your skill, you need to practice, that’s it. There is nothing that will make you an expert other than practice sessions. Take your time out from your busy schedule to practice calligraphy at least two days a week. Your first few attempts will look shaky and inconsistent. Once you get into the routine of practicing calligraphy at least twice a week, you will find it to be easy and smooth flowing.

The main trick is to give yourself time to get into the rhythm. With time things will fall into place. You need to practice and watch video tutorials.

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