Calligraphy Writing Styles Alphabet Training Strategies You Might Want To Know

calligraphy writing styles alphabet

Calligraphy is the visual lettering and penmanship of an alphabet made to look beautiful, stylish, and pleasing to the eye. It is impressive when elaborate and highly expressive calligraphy fonts are actually readable and easy to comprehend, which is a rare skill not many have. Various calligraphy writing styles alphabet consists of the western alphabet which focuses on the English letters, eastern alphabet which focuses on the various east Asian languages’ letters, and calligraphy of the Arabic alphabet is based entirely on the Arabic alphabet and further information on all three are listed below. Are you looking to learn about the various calligraphy writing styles applicable to different alphabet region-wise? If you are, then this article has all that you need to know so let’s dive right in!

Calligraphy Writing Styles Alphabet Training – Western Alphabet

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Calligraphy of the western alphabet consists of the lettering and penmanship of English letters and the Latin alphabet. Modern calligraphers are given more freedom to explore and experiment with their fonts and designs when lettering and are not limited to specific, structured, or individual strokes that may be considered basic, repetitive, or plain simple. Being able to maintain visual harmony throughout is easier said than done but these calligraphers have a way with their letters and fonts, making them as readable and beautifully unique as possible.

Calligraphy Writing Styles Alphabet Training – Eastern Alphabet

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Languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and even Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc have their own scripture, patterning, and letters which makes calligraphy of authentic languages even harder. When it comes to the Chinese alphabet, it consists of two types- the traditional and simplified alphabet. Meanwhile, the Korean language, whose alphabet is known as “hangul” is usually written horizontally, but they can also be made sense of when written from the top to bottom and vice versa or even in reverse when written from the right to the left.

Calligraphy Writing Styles Alphabet Training – Arabic Alphabet

The Arabic alphabet is known as Abjad and also consists of two types- classical Arabic and modern standard Arabic. The words in these Arabic alphabets are written in horizontal lines from the right to the left while the numbers are written from the left to the right. It consists of 28 letters, however additional letters may be used when using the alphabet to write and calligraph in other languages like Turkish, Urdu, Somali, etc.


Calligraphy these days tend to be more modern and are used especially for graphic designing, logo designing, scholarships, paintings, greeting cards, legal documents, invitations, maps, handmade presentations, thank-you cards, and many more. Although the appreciation for calligraphy and calligraphy artists is not as high as they used to be, they are still to be cherished and thanked for since they are able to provide their wonderful and artsy services to the world using their creativity as the fundamental platform. If you would like to know more about how do calligraphy writing styles work, then you have to first understand how it works for every alphabetical order and learn from the scratch if you would like to ace the idea.

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