Calligraphy Writing Kit – Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing One

calligraphy writing kits

The calligraphy writing kits usually come with all sorts of calligraphy tools and different types of ink in order to make your handwriting look more beautiful and creative. This enables you to create different styles of lettering according to your own choice and preferences. These calligraphy writing kits come in various prices depending on the features that they contain. Most of the calligraphy kits include a set of tools like pen, brush and ink. You also need to buy the ink for the kit separately.

Come With Different Types Of Nibs 

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Calligraphy kits usually come with different types of nibs in the market, so that the user can choose which one to use according to their preference. These nibs are designed according to the needs of each individual user. For example, some calligraphy kits provide you with nibs that have a rounded tip whereas others might be made in a crescent shape. Therefore, before buying any type of calligraphy kit it is necessary to first figure out what kind of nibs will be suitable for the calligraphy kit. Once you know this you can go ahead and select the right calligraphy kit.

Nowadays there is a wide range of calligraphy kits available in the market. Different people have different tastes. Hence, before buying a calligraphy kit you should first determine your own calligraphy style and image. Once you have chosen your calligraphy style you can simply add your images and text in the kit. You can easily make the calligraphy images from the software installed on your computer. However, if you don’t have such software you can simply make use of the various graphics editing software that is available in the market.

 Two Important Things To Consider When Buying A Calligraphy Kit

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There are two important things to consider when buying a calligraphy kit. First and foremost you need to figure out how much you would like to spend for the calligraphy kit. The price of the calligraphy kit is determined after considering the quality of the kit and the number of calligraphy images that you would like to include in the kit. You should also consider the number of colors in the kit and the size of the font in the calligraphy kit so that the content in the kit looks very professional and also appears appealing.

If you want to save money then you can buy a readymade calligraphy kit. However, it is important to first find out if the kit can accommodate your needs. A calligraphy kit must have at least one ink pen, nib and ink tube. There are some calligraphers who prefer to buy a whole calligraphy kit rather than buying individual calligraphy tools.

Buy Calligraphy Machines

If you want to buy calligraphy materials separately, then the best option for you is to buy calligraphy machines. However, if you do not want to spend that much money then you can go for calligraphy materials that come as part of a calligraphy kit. Calligraphy machines are useful as they help you create larger sized letters. If you decide to buy calligraphy machines you must also consider the number of colors in the kit. Some calligraphers like to buy calligraphy papers in various colors but it may not be feasible for them as most of the times these calligraphy paper comes in only black color. Therefore, you will not be able to create colorful texts with these expensive paper.

Summing Up

Your calligraphy kit must also come with instructional books and DVDs. This is useful as most people who are new to calligraphy do not have knowledge about the calligraphy styles and concepts. Most of these kits come with two or three DVDs that have short informative videos. You will learn a lot by watching these videos. This is the basic requirements of calligraphy writing kits.

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