Calligraphy Writing Desk – How to Decorate Your Writing Stationary

calligraphy writing desk

Many modern calligraphy writing desks follow a very simplistic design, consisting of three drawers in which to place letters. Some desks have additional compartments for storing additional lettering and other supplies. Others are more complex, featuring drawers for every surface possible, including shelves, a top table, and at least one large mirror.

Most Important Part Of The Calligraphy Writing Desk

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The most important part of the calligraphy writing desk is the table, which sits upon the chair. If the table is an ornate pedestal type, it will enhance the decorative qualities of the writing desk itself. Depending on the style of the furniture, this may be a simple metal frame that sits upon the legs of the chair, or a carved, or even enameled top table. Again, the choice of the table is determined by the atmosphere the writing desk is intended to suggest.

Other items commonly found on calligraphy desks are a calligraphy pen holder and ink reservoir. Usually the pen holder is engraved with the name of the holder recipient or the recipient’s place of employment, but often both are engraved. In some cases, the pen holders are plain metal or wood, while others have a gold rim or are fitted with a diamond.

Calligraphy Pen Holder Is Not Essential

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Though the calligraphy pen holder is not essential, it can make a world of difference in how well the calligraphy is applied. A calligraphy pen should always be filled regularly with ink. This ensures that the nib will write smoothly and easily. The nib will eventually wear down, causing irregular lines to appear, which is not a desirable effect for a true calligrapher. A calligraphy pen holder can be purchased almost anywhere, including calligraphy stores and the Internet.

The calligraphy writing desk itself does not have to be an elaborate affair. As long as the basic guidelines for calligraphy are followed, it can be made to look very elegant. Though there is nothing too fancy about it, the calligraphy writing desk should be kept clean at all times. The dust may settle in the fan if not kept clean.

Use Nibs That Are Relatively Large

Many calligraphers use nibs that are relatively large, unlike the pens used in the past. However, the nibs used in the past required the individual to smudge or fade the smudges off of the nib. For this reason, calligraphy pens are available that have a faint black line at the end of the nib, as this is what helps to show off the black color of the calligraphy. These pens are easier to clean, as they do not require the smudging process. It is advisable to purchase a set of calligraphy pen holders that fit the pen used.

Summing Up

As mentioned, it is very important to maintain your calligraphy writing desk. It is very tempting to just toss it in the garbage when it starts to show signs of wear. If you do this, it will damage the wood and the metal it is made from. Try to protect it by storing in a dry place and cleaning it regularly. It may cost you more money initially, but you will have it for many years. This type of investment will pay off in the long run.

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