Calligraphy – Artistry Of Writing – Things You Must Know

calligraphy style of writing

Calligraphy style of writing can be observed in our daily life through various billboards or invitations. Calligraphy has a preconceived notion of being the way of writing words exquisitely. While this statement might focus on the output of calligraphy, the real meaning is far more elaborate.

What Does it Mean?

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The literal meaning of calligraphy can be seen by breaking the word into two Greek words- kallos meaning beautiful and graphos meaning writing. The calligraphy style of writing is an artistic way of creating a flow and coherence in the writing and scribbling process. It helps in giving expression to the writing. Calligraphy revolves around bringing harmony, unity, and togetherness in the write-up. For writing calligraphy style several sorts of pens, brushes and other instruments are available. While creating art it might not be understandable by all which is observed in the case of calligraphy.

Types of Calligraphies?

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Calligraphy is about establishing integrity in the write-ups. There are several ways of establishing harmony few of which are listed below as the types of calligraphy:

This style focuses on the penmanship style according to western culture. Intensive use of Latin with limited use of Greek and roman can be observed in this style. Early traces of this style can be observed in caves and on walls of the ancient civilization of the area.

This reverent style of calligraphy can be observed in the holy book of the Quran and other pious books of religion. This style can also be observed on the walls of the mosque. This style was a symbol of divinity in the Arabic culture.

This style of calligraphy was written on palm leaves in exquisite style marking the embark of Indian style. Buddhists and Jain saints still get training of such style to preserve all the sacred books and writings.

The original calligraphy styles were somehow forgotten. This led to the search and revival of the calligraphy style. Revision of calligraphy further saw few changes and development in the style of writing which is now known as the modern style of calligraphy.

Significance of Calligraphy

Calligraphy has not only made the documents aesthetic but its understanding also linked the present to the past. It helped the religions in presenting and decoding the religious books, inscriptions, and manuscripts. Calligraphy helped us conclude that the structure of a letter is a mirror to the writer and his creativity. The calligraphy style of writing makes the presentation so beautiful and soulful. This form of art is so alluring that it immediately soothes the mind and pleases the eyes. Calligraphy bridges the past to the present while establishing a connection with the future.

Final Words

Although calligraphy style of writing has now become individualistic and is shaped according to the writer’s creativity it still has its traces in the original form around us. Whether the fonts available online on computers or printed on a wedding card. Calligraphy is still an art form of integration that should not be fully evicted from our lives.

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