A Guide To Online Arabic Calligraphy Writing – Learn About Different Styles And Online Courses

online arabic calligraphy writing

Everyone should learn calligraphy, the art of fantastic writing. Calligraphy is a skill of knowing beautiful handwriting, and one should know how to write beautifully to express their views or feelings. It will emphasize your writing in the viewer’s eyes, and you have to mix perfect patterned reports. You will find out that calligraphy is not at all hard to learn, but it is indeed hard to master. These days people are learning Arabic calligraphy; it is a kind of decorative medium on stones, vessels, or tiles. Arabic calligraphy is the first writing in the Quran, making this writing gather more respect, especially among Islamic people. You might be thinking that Arabic calligraphy is challenging to learn, but it will take you a time of about eight weeks to learn Arabic calligraphy. You can also learn it from online Arabic calligraphy writing courses. Understanding different Arabic calligraphies might be challenging for you, but you will surely start developing an interest.

Different Online Arabic Calligraphy Writing Styles

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Naskh is one of the commonly used and first scripts of Arabic calligraphy. From the beginning of Arabic calligraphy, people use this style to copy the Quran and sometimes in everyday correspondence.


Reqaa is especially famous for its clipped letters, and it was the most liked script of Ottoman calligraphers. It is a nonofficial and effortless style of handwriting.


Thuluth ‘one-third’ is a cursive, large and elegant script that was very useful in medieval times, especially mosque decorations. The principles of this writing go well with its name as you have to write it on ‘one-third’ principles.


This cursive style of calligraphy developed in Ottoman Turks but still very trending, and people love to learn it. Its style is straight and simple, except for the lower parts of some letters.


Being one of the main calligraphy styles, Nastaliq is not at all easy to learn. You can use this style in Urdu and Persian alphabets. This style is a little different than others because there is no fixed height or level for any character.


This Arabic calligraphy style is the most preferable for architectural decoration and Quran transcription. It is an exquisite and the most recognizable script of Arabic calligraphy.

Learn Online Arabic Calligraphy Writing

Who will not love learning Arabic calligraphy online free of cost? There are many online Arabic calligraphy writing courses that you can quickly learn by sitting at your home. Some online courses like Future Learn, MOOCs, and some other Arabic calligraphy courses can make you quickly learn Arabic calligraphy writing.


You know about all the Arabic calligraphy styles, which are not very difficult to learn. You have to be motivated and put effort while learning Arabic calligraphy. Online Arabic calligraphy writing courses require proper practice and effort.

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