A full Fledged Tutorial about Peacock Pencil Sketch

peacock pencil sketch

Almost every bird has stunning plumage but peacock takes this feature to altogether a different level. The feathers of the peacock are huge and the tail can be opened in an umbrella-like structure which outlines a very artistic picture for an artist but this is not a very easy thing to draw a sketch of a peacock. In this tutorial we are going to discuss the tips and tricks and the method to draw a perfect sketch of a peacock.

1. Steps for drawing the body of the  peacock-

A person sketching
  • You need to draw an oval which will be the torso of the peacock.
  • Now draw an s-shaped neck with an oval head on one end.
  • You need to draw the legs below the oval. Now you need to draw the upper part of the leg so that you must know where it is, however the windows path will be hidden with feathers.
  • Make a curve for the beak and feathers of the peacock.
  • Draw chicken like feets for the toes of the peacock.
  • Starting from the head, reach the torso by making an outline for the neck.
  • Draw an oval for eyes and make a crown on the head.
  • Add details to feet, legs and finish the wings.

2. Steps to make a Peacock tail-

a drawing tools
  • The tail of the peacock is like a stiff cape which it raises above its head.
  • You need to draw the axes of the tails with the rays of feathers.
  • Now you need to outline the feathers so that it looks regular.
  • Now you need to divide the entire tail into regular sections and draw the eyespots around the tail.

3. Steps to draw a peacock feather-

  • You need to draw the feathers in a straight line because the feathers of a peacock starts with a straight line.
  • Draw an egg shape which will be the basis of the whole eyespot.
  • Now you have to draw the same shape in on the entire line but with gaps.
  • Now you need to draw a small oval curve inside the egg shapes Which will look like an iris. Now draw a small oval inside the ideas which will be known as the Pupil of the Iris and inside the small oval draw a reversed V.
  • You need to outline the whole shape to make it look like a triangle.

4. Steps to finish a peacock sketch-

  • You need to outline the body, scaly feathers and the legs.
  • You need to add some skills to the leg which should be closed around the tail.
  • Now you should shade the body of the peacock and the eye section of the feathers.


We have provided a tutorial for making a basic peacock sketch but if you want a tutorial for a detailed peacock sketch stay tuned!

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