A Creative Thinking Essay – Six Pages To Make Your Point

creative thinking essay

Creative thinking essay for modern thinking. Creative thinking is sweet for today’s essay writers. Groupthink, smelling it in others, working collectively always demands a psychological and critical thinking edge. A group thinker must not forget that he is on the same side as those who disagree with him.

Groupthink is no way to promote creativity. On the contrary, it prevents creativity. Groupthink prevents rational thinking. The end result is the opposite of what a creative thinking essay should be all about. This is because a creative thinker thinks outside the box.

The Art Of Deductive Writing

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If you want your creative thinking essay to be read, you have to use critical and deductive skills. In the academic world, “deductive” is used to mean argument. If you want your creative essay to be read, you must apply “deductive” skills. How does this apply to writing a creative premium essay?

When we read many people’s opinions, we tend to focus on their arguments and many people’s opinions contradict each other. Many people’s arguments are either weak or compelling. For example: Joe writes an article on page one about why he should buy Nike’s instead of Reebok. Then on page two, Linda writes an article about how Nike’s are overpriced and how they don’t even make good shoes. These two authors contradict each other, but both are very creative in what they say.

Now, I want you to read those two articles. See how each author presents his or her case. Do they argue on the merits of the products? Or, do they each take a critical approach to their argument and present their findings objectively? Evaluating a product is a bit different than evaluating an opinion – so, I encourage you to think critically and use critical thinking when writing a creative thinking essay.

Effect Of Public Interest

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Next, let’s look at the third factor – the public interest. Public interest factors include free speech and privacy rights. In fact, the United States Supreme Court has held that it is not just the government’s interest in regulating commercial speech that warrants First Amendment protection – such protection is also necessary for citizens’ rights to speak freely and to petition the government for change. When your creative thinking essay involves public interest, you’re expressing to your audience some of the values that you feel are important.

In this section, you can use your creative thinking skills to describe a situation of public interest where you could have used critical thinking. Here’s an example from my public interest class: One of the students in my class created a website about a local high school football team. The website was critical of the team, the coach, and the uniforms. There were a number of things that the website said, but what struck me as most important were the descriptions of why the team did what it did. Why did they change the team name? What did they do differently than the rest of their team?

In all, then, when writing a free essay, you should approach your topic as if you’re having a public debate with another student. Do you agree with this student’s point of view? Can you discuss his or her point of view? Do you see ways in which your creative thinking or critical thinking could have been used to influence the way this event happened? Your free essay may come to the fore, at the end, as the winning answer.

Final Words –

Critical thinking and creative thinking can be applied at the workplace, in politics, in education, in nonprofit groups, and so on. Why? Because these are areas where we’re trying to make a difference, one decision or another. At workplace meetings, for instance, managers may decide to increase productivity by cutting down on distractions. An essay that discusses how cutting back on distractions might help increase productivity would be a critical thinking and creative thinking essay.

On the other hand, an educator may argue that classroom rules need to be modified because students get bored easily. An example might be that a certain line of discussion is boring, and the teacher decides to change the line. In this case, you would write an article, using critical thinking and creative thinking techniques, as to why this change might be beneficial. You would present your argument in six pages, the first two pages are the basic ideas, and the final two pages relating to your specific point of view on this subject matter.


Of course, the entire topic will depend upon the grade that you’re attempting to get but don’t forget to apply critical analysis and creative thinking techniques when writing the assignment! For example, if you’re attempting to raise test scores, writing in detail how other people’s class habits have affected the score will likely garner attention. On the other hand, if you’re looking to improve scores with students from low socio-economic status families, you should be examining the curriculum more closely to determine what the problem is and then researching the various ways that this problem can be solved. In either case, the end result should be an improved test score!

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