8 Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Learn Calligraphy Writing

Learning Calligraphy Writing

Calligraphy writing is a form of art that uses letters as its main element in creating artworks. Although it might sound easy as it mainly uses letters, a calligraphy artist needs to have a steady hand and know the right amount of pressure to put when creating art pieces. Calligraphy writing is what you often see in invitations, letters and labels. It makes the whole piece itself look more beautiful with the letters stylized. If you are interested in learning calligraphy writing, check these eight tips first before grabbing onto your pen:

Have the right pen

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Although it is possible to create calligraphy letterings with your normal ballpoint pen, it’s highly recommended for beginners to avail a pen for calligraphy. You can start with a non-expensive brush pen with a flexible tip. And as you develop your calligraphy skills, you can use other types of calligraphy pens and find the one that suits you best.

Practice putting pressure

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Before getting started on writing, start practice putting pressure with your hands, put pressure with down strokes and go lightly with upstrokes. Knowing the right pressure to apply when writing will help you develop your calligraphy skills.

Follow a guideline

You can either buy a calligraphy lettering practice book or print some free guidelines on the internet to practice. Following guidelines are important especially for beginners.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

In learning calligraphy writing, mistakes are unavoidable. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t follow the guidelines or put the pressure correctly. Learn from your mistakes instead of giving up. Just keep on practicing until you reach the mastery you’re aiming for.

Repeat practising

The key to learning calligraphy writing is mainly practising. You can copy calligraphy samples as a practice, or write the alphabet when practising. You know what they say, Practice makes perfect!

Practice different styles

There are a lot of styles in calligraphy. You can start with the modern style calligraphy and switch to the old style; it depends on how difficult the styles appear to you. Practicing different styles can add versatility on your writing until you developed your own style.

Follow the theme

If you are writing for a Christmas themed invitation, you can try making the letters big and bouncy to appear jolly and festive. The way the letters are styled depends on the theme you are going for.

Be creative

Infusing your creativity in learning calligraphy writing is essential to build your style. You can add drawings, or embellishments however you like.


The art of calligraphy is never easy. It will need a lot of practice and will take your precious time. This article is written to give tips for anyone interested in learning calligraphy writing. These tips may seem pretty basic but it will surely lay foundation on your calligraphy skills. Just always remember, in calligraphy, patience is a must, and your writing will reflect who you are as a person.

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