5 Very Unique And Helpful Tips To Clear The Torrence Tests Of Creative Thinking

torrence tests of creative thinking

Torrence tests of creative thinking (TTCT) are mainly based on the creativity of your child’s mind. This test of creativity involves an examination of divergent thinking, problem-solving skills, and you will get scores on four scales as follows –

Fluency: The number of meaningful, relevant, and interpretable ideas you generate in response to the question. You have to answer immediately to get more scores.

Flexibility: You should know about different topics. They will check how flexible your mind is and how you answer the questions of different categories.

Originality: It would be best if you answer uniquely. Your answers should be original and something different.

Elaboration: You should answer in detail. Examiners will see how you can elaborate on your answer.

Your score depends on your subtest, and your subtest includes fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. These tests are knowledge free, but you only have to think divergently. They are not like the reasoning and intelligence tests; instead, they are beneficial. Generally, these tests are a part of the entrance examination or advance placement. You will get scores based on different aspects such as imagery, humor, expressions, and creative titles for pictures. There are many more things you should know about the Torrence tests of creative thinking. Read more to get more information.

Helpful Tips To Pass The Torrence Tests Of Creative Thinking

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Try To Create Something Unique Daily

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You must create something unique every day, even for 5 to 10 minutes. You can try writing articles, develop business concepts, models, draw mind maps, and develop many more ideas. Every idea will generate a new idea within it. You have to challenge yourself to write something creative daily.

Take Breaks

When you get stuck with an idea, and you are not finding anything. Just take a break as you require a breather. It would help if you never force yourself to find any solution as it will only cause exhaustion. Go for a walk, stand up on a desk, talk to different people, grab a coffee or look at other things. You will indeed get an idea from the environment.

Make A List And Select Your Ideas

Sometimes having too many good ideas makes you confused, and you get nothing even if your thoughts were right. In that case, keeping a list is essential.

Ask The Right Questions

Whenever you start a new creative session, always start it with when, why, how, what questions and try to find all your questions. It will help you in exploring many new and unique things.

Take Benefit Of Peak Hours

Some people are more productive and creative in specific hours of the day, while some are creative in particular moods. You can also improve your creativity by surrounding yourself with music or putting yourself in a quiet room. You have to find the best time and place to write and do whatever works for you.


Clearing Torrence tests of creative thinking is not easy, but it is also not difficult. You have to explore more and more things. Use all the above mentioned helpful tricks.

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