5 Quotes About Decision Making Life Choices

Decision Making Quotes

Life is a series of choices; the choices we make are the life we will live. Decision making, especially those that include choices which may change our lives drastically, is quite a tough call to make. It requires us to critically think about its options and the consequences it may follow right after the choice is made. When you are forced to face the decision making alone, it can fill you with an overwhelming feeling. You have to be responsible for the choices you choose, and those you ignore. Be inspired by these decisions making quotes and make up your decision which is your favourite:

Brandon Boyd

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The quote created by Brandon Boyd about decision making is precise with its point: our lives are short. Knowing that it is, you have to make sure you carry with you the best choices you make for yourself. The decisions we make in life should define something about ourselves.

Graham Brown

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The words of Graham Brown makes us realize this idea: whether or not we like it, our choices shape us to who we become. There are choices we regret, and also those we are proud of. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to accept the wrong choice we made; we can still change by knowing the right decisions.

Jim Rohn

A quote by Jim Rohn about decision making makes us realize that our choices help us move forward. We cannot live our lives in standstill; decision making is inevitable. It is what makes our lives continue to move.

Edwin Markham

Edwin Markham concisely explained how our choices predict what destiny will be. It acts as our way to move towards where we are headed. Our life choices become the bridge or the pathway to our destined reality.

Don Yaeger

According to Don Yaeger, decisions are what designed our lives. We make decisions daily. It varies from light decisions, like the food we choose to eat, the clothes we wear, or the things we buy; some are heavy ones where it could affect our lives immensely and change its course forever.


In life, making decisions will always be part of our lives. It is something inevitable. We will always make a choice in every single thing we do, from choosing what food to eat, or to make life changing decisions such as marriage.

Every decision we make will lead us to different possibilities and whenever we choose, these possibilities becomes our reality. The quotes mentioned in this article aims to ignite inspiration to its readers about how important decision making is and how it will affect our life.

In the end, these decisions, these possibilities, rests in our hands. In every decision we make, we only have ourselves to blame, whether it’s a good or a bad decision. The most important thing is to never regret the decisions we make no matter what the results are, if it causes you failure, learn from it. Just always remember to be prudent whenever you’re making a choice.

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