5 Pros And 5 Cons About Being A Full-Time Artist – 9 Is The Worst Con Of All

Whether you just graduated from an art school or just beginning your career as an artist, it always pops into one’s mind how to use your skills very well. As you walk to your path, it is inevitable to have choices and options along the way. Thus, one of the choices you can encounter is how to take your skills to the next level. As an artist, it is possible for you to choose the career path you want to succeed and earn a living. It is a tough question if you will choose if you will stay as a freelance artist or a full-time one. If you think that you are caught in the middle or decides to be a full-time artist, these are for you can apply. These tips are a combination of both advantages and disadvantages of being a full-time artist.

1. Growth and Endless Education

Being a full-time artist, you can gain creative growth benefits. You have the opportunity for new techniques, training, and guidance. Thus, that also includes critics about how your works have done so far. It is also one way to enhance and develop your skills and abilities to the next level. As time goes by, so does your artistry skills. Not to mention those good companies that aim to have their employees’ continuous growth. Other companies encourage and even fund their artists, like sending them to paid classes or seminars. While freelancers, which often work alone, benefits like these have to be sought personally and may not always be that freely accessible.

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